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This is a work in progress.

Stat Buffs

Guild Agility Charisma Discipline Intelligence Reflex Stamina Strength Wisdom
Barbarian Wildfire Cyclone Monkey Tornado Bear
Bard Drums of the Snake Soul Ablaze* Will of Winter* Echoes of Aether* Harmony Words of the Wind*
Cleric Benediction Auspice Benediction Benediction Glythtide's Gift
Empath Vigor Tranquility Mental Focus Aesandry Darlaeth* Gift of Life Vigor
Moon Mage Invocation of Spheres* Invocation of Spheres* Invocation of Spheres* Invocation of Spheres* Invocation of Spheres* Invocation of Spheres*
Necromancer Researcher's Insight Philosopher's Preservation Calcified Hide
Paladin Marshal Order Clarity Veteran Insight Courage Heroic Strength Divine Guidance
Ranger Cheetah Swiftness* Senses of the Tiger Bear Strength* Bear Strength* Wisdom of the Pack
Thief Focus Cunning Plunder Avoidance
Traders Finess
Warrior Mage Mantle of Flame* Swirling Winds Aegis of Granite* Aegis of Granite*
  1. All magical guilds have access to magical research
  2. Signature abilities in bold
  3. * Cyclic Spell or transformation (one only at a time, two in the case of IOTS)

Stat Debuffs

Guild Agility Charisma Discipline Intelligence Reflex Stamina Strength Wisdom
Barbarian Screech of Madness(aoe) Screech of Madness(aoe)
Bard Damaris' Lullaby*(aoe) Desert's Maelstrom*(aoe) Damaris' Lullaby*(aoe) Damaris' Lullaby*(aoe)
Empath Lethargy
Moon Mage Sovereign Destiny Sovereign Destiny Sovereign Destiny
Necromancer Visions of Darkness
Ranger Devolve* Devolve* Devolve* Devolve* Devolve* Devolve* Devolve* Devolve*
Thief Prowess
Warrior Mage Tingle Tingle Frostbite(aoe)
  1. All magical guilds have access to magical research
  2. *Devolve only affects the top two skills

Skill Buffs


Guild Shield Defending Armor Skill Protection Absorbtion Hinderance Stealth Hinderance Learning Rates Bonus stance points
Barbarian Tornado, passive skillset bonus(+1) Contemplation Passive skillset bonus (+1) Secondary +1/60 defending
Bard Tertiary
Cleric Shield of Light Major Physical Protection Tertiary
Empath** Tertiary
Moon Mage** Tertiary
Necromancer Tertiary
Paladin Sentinel's Resolve, Passive skillset bonus (+2) Sentinel's Resolve Divine Armor Divine Armor Passive skillset bonus (+2) Primary +1/50 defending
Ranger passive skillset bonus(+1) Skein of Shadows Passive skillset bonus (+1) Skein of Shadows Secondary +1/60 defending
Thief Dampen Tertiary
Trader passive skillset bonus(+1) Passive skillset bonus (+1) Secondary +1/60 defending
Warrior Mage Aegis of Granite* Y'ntrel Sechra Tertiary
  1. * (likely to move bonus stance points to a different table)
  2. ** You're limited to one skill link per PC, and you need another PC in the room to establish and maintain it. The buff strength is dependant on the difference between the two player's skills. This can buff any skill. Prediction is similar, but has it's own resource pool and does not require other PCs.


Guild Alchemy Appraisal Enchanting Engineering Forging Mechanical Lore Outfitting Performance Scholarship Tactics Learning Rates
Barbarian Tertiary
Bard Muse* Muse* Muse* Muse* Muse* Muse* Eillie's Cry,Practicing Faenella's_Grace*(AOE) Primary
Cleric Secondary
Empath** Primary
Moon Mage** Artificer's Eye Machinist's Touch Secondary
Necromancer Researcher's Insight Secondary
Paladin Crusader's Challenge Secondary
Ranger Wisdom of the Pack Tertiary
Thief Cunning Secondary
Trader Primary
Warrior Mage Secondary
  1. Not sure where to put the skillset bonuses. Hobbies/Professions may qualify is a passive buff to every crafting skill (with limitations)


Guild Arcana Attunement Augmentation Debilitation Primary Magic Sorcery Targeted Magic Utility Warding
Barbarian Contemplation Tribalist Powermonger Bear Form
Bard Echoes of Aether* Soul Ablaze* Soul Ablaze* Echoes of Aether* Will of Winter*
Cleric*** Persistence of Mana Sanctify Pattern*, Align* Sanctify Pattern*, Align* Align Align,Tamsine's commune Sanctify Pattern*, Align Sanctify Pattern*, Align
Moon Mage** Artificer's Eye Aura Sight
Necromancer Researcher's Insight Kura-Silma
Warrior Mage**** Substratum
1. *** align penalizes some magic skills to buff others. Stacks(?) with normal buffs, but some alignments are only achievable through sorcery.
Tamsine's commune gives a TM bonus vs Undead only.
2. **** Fir familiars help with the preparation of spells, not sure where to put this.


Guild Athletics Evasion First Aid Locksmithing Outdoorsmanship Perception Skinning Stealth Thievery
Barbarian Unyielding Piranha Focus Seek Owl Panther
Bard Harmony Drums of the Snake Eye of Kertigen Misdirection
Cleric Eluned's Commune Major Physical Protection Revelation
Empath** Aggressive Stance
Moon Mage** Seer's Sense Machinist's Touch Tenebrous Sense Clear Vision shadows
Necromancer Philosopher's Preservation Kura-Silma Butcher's Eye Obfuscation
Ranger Athleticism, Wilderness Bonus Instinct Wilderness Bonus Hands of Lirisa,Wilderness Bonus Wolf Scent,Wilderness Bonus Senses of the Tiger,Wilderness Bonus Hands of Lirisa,Wilderness Bonus Earth Meld,Wilderness Bonus Wilderness Bonus
Thief**** Flight,confidence & urban bonus Elusion,confidence & urban bonus ,confidence & urban bonus safe,confidence & urban bonus sight,confidence & urban bonus Darken,confidence & urban bonus plunder,confidence & urban bonus
Trader Defense
Warrior Mage Swirling Winds Rising Mists(AOE)
  1. **** Rangers have a passive buff for all survival skills except and thievery. This is tied to their wilderness level. Thieves have two buffs
  1. Note that rising mists is room-based and stacks with personal stealth boosters


Guild Parry Brawling Missile Melee Thrown
Barbarian Python_Form Dragon Form Eagle Form Dragon Form Eagle Form
Bard Harmony
Moon Mage**
Necromancer Chirurgia*
Paladin Righteous Wrath Righteous Wrath
Ranger Claws of the Cougar See the Wind Oath of the Firstborn See the Wind
Thief Elusion Steady Strike Spar
Warrior Mage Sure Footing Mantle of Flame** Tailwind Mantle of Flame* Tailwind
  1. * Chirugia only buffs Small Edged
  2. ** Mantle of Flame may not be used with Aegis of Granite

Guild Skills

Skill Debuffs


General Offense

Spell/ability damage

Guild Impact Slice Piercing Fire Ice Electric Spirit Fatigue Mana Balance Concentration
Barbarian A** A** A** A
Bard A*,H, M, P S, M, P A* S S A*, A*, S* A*
Cleric*** A(U),S S*, SD(U) S S, D(U), APD(U) S*, APD(U) A(U) S,S* S
Empath S**** S**** S
Moon Mage S,P*,AM,I,M AM AM,I,D AM, SD S,P*
Necromancer S,A*,C S,A* S,A* S,A*,C S,A* S,A*
Paladin S,M,AM S,AM S M
Ranger S,SM S S S,SM S S
Thief S SP
Warrior Mage A,AP*,AM*,C,S,M,Z A,AP*,S,I,Z A,AP*,S,M,P,Z A,AM*,C,D,S,M,Z A,AP*,I,S(U),Z A,D,S(U),M A A,S

Many guilds have multiple ways to deal this damage type. To keep the list readable, I'm using the following Key to show what is and is not possible.


  • A = AOE Option, spells and abilities
  • C = Collateral Damage (Single target spell, which deals lesser damage to nearby targets)
  • D = DFA
  • H = Heavy TM option available
  • I = Armor Piercing
  • M = Multi-strike option available
  • P = Pulses, non-cyclical option available
  • R = Reactive damage (Shield - on hit of the target)
  • S = Single Target option available
  • Z = Charged shot (prep and then fire when you're ready like dragon breath)
  • (U) = Non-corporeal/evil/Undead Only (or any subset of the same)

For the modifiers (like armor piercing) assume single target unless modified with A(ie: AM for AOE M for Single Target)

Bolds for signature abilities or spells.

  1. * Cyclic, transformation, limited, etc...
  1. ** Technically Barbarians have Whirlwind, but it's not useful for raw damage vs training.
  1. **** Requires the empath to shock themselves - Shock dramatically changes playstyle and limits several abilities.

Weapon Augmentation

Guild Armor Piercing/DFA Balance Bless effect Bonding Dual Load Elemental Damage Magical Creation Physical Damage Spell Battery Suitedness
Barbarian Tsunami Dual Load Tsunami (top stat only)
Bard Resonance (top 2 only)
Cleric bless bless (undead only)
Moon Mage Moonblade, Shape Moonblade Empower Moonblade
Paladin Rutilor's Edge Holy Warrior (spell)* Bond Armaments Rutilor's Edge (Top only), smite Rutilor's Edge
Ranger Dual Load Claws of the Cougar
Thief Backstab, Eliminate
Warrior Mage Quick Infusions ignite, Icy Infusions, Shocking Infusions, Fiery Infusions Summon Weapon, Expansive Infusions, Quick Infusions Quick Infusions

General damage buffs * OF Buff * DF Debuf * General Accuracy buff * Snipe * damage amplifier (physical, magical)

       * Special combat maneuvers (choke/ambush/expertise/smite)
       * Pets

... TBA

Status Condition Protection


Status Condition damage


Traders are missing because trader.