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This page is a collection of similar features and abilities from each guild. Hopefully, this page will be useful to players searching for specific effects or for new players trying to decide what guild to join.

Please keep in mind that this page only covers guild similarities and not everything that a guild can do. For example, an Empath's ability to transfer wounds or the Trader's ability to own shops are not covered here.


  • All signature spells and abilities are bolded.
  • Area of Effect (AOE) - The ability can be used against multiple targets at once.
  • Cyclic Spell (C) - Cyclic spells last indefinitely but require additional mana from Harness, a Cambrinth with Dedicated Cambrinth User feat, or Attunement with Raw Channeling feat. Only one cyclic spell can be active at a time. Bards can Segue from one cyclic spell to another.
  • Group (G) - Player's entire group gains the benefits of the ability.
  • Pulse (P) - Periodically trigger again after use. Usually lasts for a limited time or is a cyclic spell.
  • Ritual Spell (R) - Has a high mana cost and usually requires a Ritual Focus.
  • Abilities with a (*) have notes at the bottom of the table with additional information.


Stat Buffs

Guild +Agility +Charisma +Discipline +Intelligence +Reflex +Stamina +Strength +Wisdom
Symbiosis* Spring Impress Resolve Remember Avoid Endure Strengthen Discern
Barbarian Wildfire Cyclone Monkey Form Tornado Bear Form
Bard Drums of the Snake (G, P) Soul Ablaze* (R), Bluff Amaze* Will of Winter* (R) Echoes of Aether* (R) Harmony Words of the Wind* (R)
Cleric Benediction Auspice Benediction Benediction Glythtide's Gift
Empath Vigor Tranquility Mental Focus Aesandry Darlaeth (C) Gift of Life Vigor
Moon Mage Invocation of Spheres* (R) Invocation of Spheres* (R) Invocation of Spheres* (R) Invocation of Spheres* (R) Invocation of Spheres* (R) Invocation of Spheres* (R)
Necromancer Researcher's Insight Philosopher's Preservation Calcified Hide
Paladin Marshal Order Clarity Veteran Insight* Heroic Strength Heroic Strength Divine Guidance
Ranger Cheetah Swiftness (C) Senses of the Tiger Bear Strength (C) Bear Strength (C) Wisdom of the Pack
Thief Focus Cunning Plunder Fright Avoidance Endure Harrier
Traders Finesse Finesse Turmar Illumination
Warrior Mage Mantle of Flame* (R) Swirling Winds Aegis of Granite* (R) Aegis of Granite* (R)
  1. Symbiosis: All magical guilds have access to Symbiosis through Magical Research
  2. Bard rituals: Only one of the ritual spells (R) can be active at a time.
  3. Bluff Amaze: Also debuffs the Bard's discipline by an equal amount.
  4. Invocation of Spheres: Buffs two specific stats selected from these pairings: Discipline/Intelligence, Charisma/Wisdom, or Agility/Reflex
  5. Veteran Insight: The +Reflex bonus is a metamagic effect applied to Sentinel's Resolve
  6. Aegis of Granite and Mantle of Flame: Cannot be used at the same time

Stat Debuffs

Guild -Agility -Charisma -Discipline -Intelligence -Reflex -Stamina -Strength -Wisdom
Analogous Patterns Burden
Barbarian Screech of Madness (AOE) Screech of Madness (AOE)
Bard Damaris' Lullaby (AOE, C) Desert's Maelstrom (AOE, C) Damaris' Lullaby (AOE, C) Damaris' Lullaby (AOE, C)
Empath Lethargy
Moon Mage Sovereign Destiny Sovereign Destiny Sovereign Destiny
Necromancer Visions of Darkness
Ranger Devolve* Devolve* Devolve* Devolve* Devolve* Devolve* Devolve* Devolve*
Thief Prowess Ambush Choke
Warrior Mage Tingle Tingle Frostbite (AOE)
  1. Devolve: Only affects the top two stats


Skillset Placement

Guild Armor Weapon Magic Survival Lore
Barbarian Secondary Primary Tertiary Secondary Tertiary
Bard Tertiary Secondary Secondary Tertiary Primary
Cleric Tertiary Secondary Primary Tertiary Secondary
Empath Tertiary Tertiary Secondary Secondary Primary
Moon Mage Tertiary Tertiary Primary Secondary Secondary
Necromancer Tertiary Tertiary Secondary Primary Secondary
Paladin Primary Secondary Tertiary Tertiary Secondary
Ranger Secondary Secondary Tertiary Primary Tertiary
Thief Tertiary Secondary Tertiary Primary Secondary
Trader Secondary Tertiary Tertiary Secondary Primary
Warrior Mage Tertiary Secondary Primary Tertiary Secondary

Skillset Perks

All guilds receive additional bonuses depending on their Primary and Secondary skillsets.

Guild Armor Hindrance Bonus Defending ranks needed for an additional stance point Arm-Worn Shields Bow & Arm-Worn Shield Dual Wield Careers Hobbies Foraging Hunt Distance Snipe Slips Max Spell Slots (F2P/Sub)
Barbarian -1 60 Medium or small Small shields Heavy or lighter 1 1 Careful 4 rooms 68 / 70
Bard 70 Small shields Medium or lighter 2 1 3 rooms 1 77 / 79
Cleric 70 Shield of Light, Small shields Medium or lighter 1 2 3 rooms 92 / 94
Empath 70 Small shields Medium or lighter 2 1 Careful, Precise 4 rooms -- / 79
Moon Mage 70 Small shields Medium or lighter 1 2 Careful 4 rooms 92 / 94
Necromancer 70 Small shields Medium or lighter 1 2 Careful, Precise 5 rooms Vivisection 5 -- / 79
Paladin -2 50 All Shields Large or smaller Medium or lighter 1 2 3 rooms 68 / 70
Ranger -1 60 Medium or Small Medium or smaller Medium or lighter 1 1 Careful, Precise 6 rooms Bow, Crossbow, Sling 5 68 / 70
Thief 70 Small shields Medium or Small 1 2 Careful, Precise 5 rooms Bow, Crossbow, Sling 8 68 / 69
Trader -1 60 Medium or Small Medium or lighter 2 1 Careful 5 rooms -- / 70
Warrior Mage 70 Aegis of Granite, Small shields Medium or lighter 1 2 4 rooms 92 / 94

Skill Buffs


Guild +Shield Usage +Defending +Light Armor +Chain Armor +Brigandine +Plate Armor Protection Absorption Stealth Hinderance
Barbarian Tornado Contemplation Contemplation Contemplation Contemplation
Cleric Shield of Light Major Physical Protection
Moon Mage
Paladin Sentinel's Resolve Sentinel's Resolve Divine Armor Divine Armor
Ranger Skein of Shadows Skein of Shadows Skein of Shadows Skein of Shadows
Thief Dampen
Trader Last Gift of Vithwok IV
Warrior Mage Aegis of Granite (R) Y'ntrel Sechra


Guild +Alchemy +Appraisal +Enchanting +Engineering +Forging +Outfitting +Performance +Scholarship +Tactics
Symbiosis* Examine Perform Learn
Bard Whispers of the Muse* Whispers of the Muse* Whispers of the Muse* Whispers of the Muse* Whispers of the Muse* Eillie's Cry, Practicing Faenella's Grace* (AOE, C)
Moon Mage Artificer's Eye Machinist's Touch
Necromancer Researcher's Insight
Paladin Crusader's Challenge
Ranger Wisdom of the Pack
Thief Muse Muse Cunning
Trader Platinum Hands of Kertigen Platinum Hands of Kertigen Platinum Hands of Kertigen Blur
Warrior Mage
  1. Symbiosis: All magical guilds have access to Symbiosis through Magical Research
  2. Whispers of the Muse: Buffs your highest crafting skill only
  3. Faenella's Grace: Also decreases the time between teaching pulses


Guild +Arcana +Attunement +Augmentation +Debilitation +Primary Magic +Sorcery +Targeted Magic +Utility +Warding
Symbiosis* Activate Harness Cast
Barbarian Contemplation Tribalist Powermonger Bear Form
Bard Echoes of Aether* (R) Soul Ablaze* (R) Soul Ablaze* (R) Echoes of Aether* (R) Will of Winter* (R)
Cleric Persistence of Mana (R) Align*, Sanctify Pattern* Align*, Sanctify Pattern* Align* Align*, Tamsine's Commune Align*, Sanctify Pattern* Align*, Sanctify Pattern*
Moon Mage Artificer's Eye Aura Sight
Necromancer Researcher's Insight Kura-Silma Ivory Mask
Thief Fright
Warrior Mage Substratum
  1. Symbiosis: All magical guilds have access to Symbiosis through Magical Research
  2. Bard rituals: Only one of the ritual spells (R) can be active at a time.
  3. Align: Penalizes some magic skills to buff others. Stacks(?) with normal buffs, but some alignments are only achievable through Sorcery
  4. Sanctify Pattern: Only boost one skill at a time
  5. Tamsine's Commune: Gives a TM bonus vs Undead only


Guild +Athletics +Evasion +First Aid +Locksmithing +Outdoorsmanship +Perception +Skinning +Stealth +Thievery
Symbiosis* Explore Heal Watch Harvest
Barbarian Unyielding Piranha Form Focus Seek Owl Form Panther Form
Bard Harmony Drums of the Snake (G, P) Eye of Kertigen (C) Misdirection, Bluff Distract*
Cleric Eluned's Commune Major Physical Protection Revelation (C)
Empath Aggressive Stance
Moon Mage Seer's Sense Machinist's Touch Tenebrous Sense Clear Vision Shadows
Necromancer Philosopher's Preservation, Emuin's Candlelight Kura-Silma Butcher's Eye Obfuscation
Paladin Glyph of Light
Ranger* Athleticism, Wilderness Bonus Instinct Wilderness Bonus Hands of Lirisa, Wilderness Bonus Wolf Scent, Wilderness Bonus Senses of the Tiger, Wilderness Bonus Hands of Lirisa, Wilderness Bonus Earth Meld, Wilderness Bonus
Thief* Flight, Confidence & Urban Bonus Elusion, Confidence & Urban Bonus Insight, Confidence & Urban Bonus Safe, Confidence & Urban Bonus Insight Sight, Confidence & Urban Bonus Darken, Confidence & Urban Bonus Plunder, Confidence & Urban Bonus
Trader Blur Membrach's Greed Turmar Illumination Membrach's Greed Avren Aevareae* Avren Aevareae*
Warrior Mage Swirling Winds Rising Mists (AOE)
  1. Symbiosis: All magical guilds have access to Symbiosis through Magical Research
  2. Bluff Distract: One-time bonus on the check for a HIDE verb substitute with obvious messaging.
  3. Avren Array: Room-based and moon based (cast katamba for + stealth/thievery on that room or cast xibar/yavash for -thievery/stealth)
  4. Wilderness Bonus: Amount of bonus is tied to wilderness level
  5. Confidence: Amount of bonus is tied to confidence level
  6. Rising Mists: Room-based and stacks with personal +Stealth buffs
  7. Thieves have mark and slight which greatly reduce the risk of thievery. Not listed here as they aren't bonuses to the skill.


Guild +Parry +Brawling +Missile +Melee +Thrown
Barbarian Python Form Dragon Form Eagle Form Dragon Form Eagle Form
Bard Harmony
Empath Aggressive Stance
Moon Mage
Necromancer Chirurgia*
Paladin Righteous Wrath Righteous Wrath
Ranger Claws of the Cougar See the Wind Oath of the Firstborn* See the Wind
Thief Elusion Steady Strike Steady
Warrior Mage Sure Footing Mantle of Flame (R) Tailwind Mantle of Flame (R) Tailwind
  1. Chirugia: Adds a Small Edged buff to Butcher's Eye
  2. Oath of the Firstborn: Only buffs 2 skills at a time
  1. Moon mages have the ability to buff or debuff all skills in the game thanks to predictions. Potency and success vary based on skill, preparation, and some luck.

Skill Debuffs


Guild -Shield Usage -Defending -Light Armor -Chain Armor -Brigandine -Plate Armor
Barbarian Death's Shriek (AOE)
Moon Mage
Paladin Shatter
Warrior Mage Tingle*
  1. Drops held weapon/shield.


Guild -Alchemy -Appraisal -Enchanting -Engineering -Forging -Outfitting -Performance -Scholarship -Tactics
Moon Mage
Thief Guile*
Warrior Mage
  1. Guile: -Tactics in PvP only.


Guild -Arcana -Attunement -Augmentation -Debilitation -Primary Magic -Sorcery -Targeted Magic -Utility -Warding
Barbarian Mana Torment (AOE) Mage's Lash (AOE)
Bard Aether Wolves (C)
Cleric Aspects of the All-God (R) Aspects of the All-God (R) Aspects of the All-God (R) Aspects of the All-God (R) Aspects of the All-God (R) Aspects of the All-God (R)
Moon Mage
Warrior Mage


Guild -Athletics -Evasion -First Aid -Locksmithing -Outdoorsmanship -Perception -Skinning -Stealth -Thievery
Barbarian Everild's Rage (AOE) Slash the Shadows (AOE)
Bard Misdirection (AOE)
Moon Mage
Necromancer Visions of Darkness*
Ranger Swarm Swarm
Thief Guile Ambush Screen
Trader Avren Aevareae* Avren Aevareae*
Warrior Mage Anther's Call Mantle of Flame (R)
  1. Avren Array: Room-based and moon based (cast katamba for + stealth/thievery on that room or cast xibar/yavash for -thievery/stealth)
  2. Visions of Darkness: Spell is currently broken and does not debuff Perception (at least in PVP scenarios)


Guild -Parry -Brawling -Missile -Melee -Thrown
Moon Mage
Warrior Mage
  1. Moon mages have the ability to buff or debuff all skills in the game thanks to predictions. Potency and success vary based on skill, preparation, and some luck.


Spells/Abilities by Damage Type

Guild Impact Slice Piercing Fire Ice Electric
Analogous Patterns S S
Barbarian A** A** A** S*
Bard A*, H, M, P S, M, P A* A*, S* S
Cleric*** A(U),S S*, SD(U) S S, D(U), APD(U) S*, APD(U) A(U)
Empath S**** S****
Moon Mage S,P*,AM,I,M AM AM,I,D AM, SD S,P*
Necromancer S,A* S,A* S,A* S,A* S,A* S,A*
Paladin S,M,AM S,AM S M
Ranger S,SM S S S,SM S
Thief S*,D* S*,D* S*,D*
Trader A*,P* S*,P* S* A*,P*
Warrior Mage A,AP*,AM*,C,S,M,Z A,AP*,S,I,Z A,AP*,S,M,P,Z A,AM*,C,D,S,M,Z A,AP*,I,S(U),Z A,D,S(U),M

Many guilds have multiple ways to deal this damage type. To keep the list readable, I'm using the following Key to show what is and is not possible.


  • A = AOE Option, spells and abilities
  • C = Collateral Damage (Single target spell, which deals lesser damage to nearby targets)
  • D = DFA
  • H = Heavy TM option available
  • I = Armor Piercing
  • M = Multi-strike option available
  • P = Pulses, non-cyclical option available
  • R = Reactive damage (Shield - on hit of the target)
  • S = Single Target option available
  • Z = Charged shot (prep and then fire when you're ready like dragon breath)
  • (U) = Non-corporeal/evil/Undead Only (or any subset of the same)

For the modifiers (like armor piercing) assume single target unless modified with A(ie: AM for AOE M for Single Target)

Bolds for signature abilities or spells.

  1. * Cyclic, transformation, limited, etc...
  1. ** Technically Barbarians have Whirlwind, but it's mostly a training tool.
  1. *** Between backstab, ambushes, and eliminate, thieves have magic-like abilities for all damage types based on weapon
  1. **** Requires the empath to shock themselves - Shock dramatically changes playstyle and limits several abilities.

Attack Effectiveness

Guild Damage Enhancer +Melee Accuracy +Ranged Accuracy -Melee Accuracy -Ranged Accuracy -Offensive Factor -Defensive Factor
Barbarian BCM - Damage* BCM - Accuracy BCM - Accuracy Death's Embrace (AOE) Death's Embrace (AOE)
Bard Rage of the Clans (AOE, P) Rage of the Clans (AOE, P) Bluff Dodge
Cleric Divine Radiance* Malediction Malediction
Moon Mage
Necromancer Heighten Pain
Ranger Plague of Scavengers Plague of Scavengers
Thief Prowess*
Trader Fluoresce
Warrior Mage Vertigo (P)
  1. Barbarian Combat Maneuver - Damage: Increases damage from the Barbarian only
  2. Divine Radiance: Only applies to hits from blessed weapons
  3. Prowess: -OF is PvE only

Weapon and Armor Effects

Guild Defense Ignoring/Degrading Weapon Balance Bless Effect Bonding Dual Load Elemental Damage Magical Creation Physical Damage Spell Battery Suitedness Weapon Speed
Barbarian Tsunami Eagle Form Tsunami* Wildfire
Bard Resonance*
Cleric Curse of Zachriedek, Harm Horde (AOE, P), Harm Evil, Soul Attrition (C) Bless, Kertigen's Commune Shield of Light Bless*
Moon Mage Burn, Partial Displacement Moonblade, Shape Moonblade Empower Moonblade
Paladin Rutilor's Edge Holy Warrior, Shatter Bond Armaments Rutilor's Edge*, Smite Rutilor's Edge
Ranger Plague of Scavengers See the Wind Claws of the Cougar
Thief Ambush Ignite, Backstab, Blindside, Eliminate Steady Eliminate, backstab Hasten
Trader Regalia
Warrior Mage Frost Scythe, Lightning Bolt Quick Infusions Ignite, Icy Infusions, Shocking Infusions, Fiery Infusions Elemental Weapon, Expansive Infusions, Quick Infusions Quick Infusions
  1. Tsunami: Only applies to the top 2 stats on the weapon
  2. Resonance: Only applies to the top 2 stats on the weapon
  3. Bless: Extra physical damage only applies to Undead
  4. Rutilor's Edge: Only applies to the top stat on the weapon
  5. Eliminate and Backstab are limited to light weapons, are DFA, and alpha strikes. Eliminate also removes the target's armor and shield for 10 seconds.

Barriers and Damage Resistance

Barriers come in a few different types.


  • Ablative (A) - Barrier lasts for a certain number of uses and will no longer function afterwards. This is independent of the barrier's duration.
  • Non-ablative (NA) - Barrier has unlimited uses until its duration runs out.
  • Integrity (I) - Barrier reduces the effectiveness of an attack instead of blocking it.
  • Potency (PO) - Barrier completely blocks the attack.
Guild Physical Elemental Spirit Spells
Analogous Patterns Manifest Force (A) Lay Ward (PO)
Barbarian Tenacity Toad Form Swan Form (I), Turtle Form (P), Serenity (I)
Bard Naming of Tears (NA, G), Bardic Scream - Defiance (NA) Naming of Tears (NA, G), Bardic Scream - Defiance (NA) Glythtide's Joy* (AOE, C, I)
Cleric Ghost Shroud* (C), Minor Physical Protection, Protection from Evil* (PO) Ghost Shroud* (C), Protection from Evil* (PO) Soul Shield Protection from Evil* (PO)
Empath Iron Constitution, Perseverance of Peri'el
Moon Mage Cage of Light Cage of Light Shear
Necromancer Calcified Hide, Emuin's Candlelight*, Solace* (PO), Ebon Blood of the Scorpion* (NA) Solace* (PO) Worm's Mist, Solace* (PO)
Paladin Aspirant's Aegis Soldier's Prayer
Ranger Essence of Yew
Thief Sagacity (A)
Trader Trabe Chalice* (A)
Warrior Mage Ethereal Shield (NA), Grounding Field* Aether Cloak*, Veil of Ice (A)
  1. Glythtide's Joy: This also affects the Bard's spells as well
  2. Protection from Evil: Only works against Undead
  3. Ghost Shroud: Only protects against ranged weapon attacks and targeted magic spells
  4. Trabe Chalice: Slowly repairs itself as long as it is not completely broken
  5. Grounding Field: Blocks damage from attuned element but amplifies damage from other elements
  6. Aether Cloak: Will reflect TM back at the caster
  7. Aspirant's Aegis does not stack with Minor Physical Protection
  8. Emuin's Candlelight: staggers incoming damage over time
  9. Solace: Only works against Holy
  10. Ebon Blood of the Scorpion: Changes Siphon Vitality's effect into a vitality shield

Status Conditions

Defense Abilities

Guild Stun Immobilize Webbed Calm Sleep Knockdown Defensive Dispel
Barbarian Flashflood (P), Prediction* Prediction* Flashflood (P), Prediction* Flashflood (P), Prediction* Dispel
Bard Bardic Scream - Defiance* (P)
Cleric Hand of Tenemlor, Uncurse
Empath Awaken Aesandry Darlaeth (C) Aesandry Darlaeth (C) Awaken
Moon Mage Rend*
Paladin Anti-Stun Truffenyi's Rally (AOE, C, P)
Ranger Cheetah Swiftness (C)
Thief Cunning Cunning Calm
Warrior Mage
  1. Prediction: When disabled, you will dive-roll out of the room
  2. Scream Defiance: Can also be used while stunned to attempt to break the stun. Failure blocks the scream from taking effect.
  3. Rend: Removes 2 spells

Offense Abilities

Guild Stun Immobilize Webbed Calm Sleep Knockdown Offensive Dispel Spell Integrity
Barbarian Earthquake (AOE, P) Wail of Torment (AOE) Death's Shriek (AOE), Earthquake (AOE, P)
Bard Demrris' Resolve (AOE) Aether Wolves (C) Albreda's Balm (AOE, C) Damaris' Lullaby (AOE*, C) Demrris' Resolve (AOE), Bardic Scream - Havoc
Cleric Halo, Phelim's Sanction* (AOE) Soul Sickness Divine Radiance, Soul Sickness Meraud's Cry (AOE)
Empath Paralysis Nissa's Binding Paralysis
Moon Mage Dazzle, Mental Blast, Mind Shout (AOE) Sever Thread Shadow Web (AOE, C) Calm Mental Blast, Mind Shout (AOE) Hypnotize* Rend*
Necromancer Petrifying Visions, Viscous Solution (AOE) Rite of Forbearance*
Paladin Holy Warrior*, Stun Foe Halt Rebuke
Ranger Deadfall Harawep's Bonds Forestwalker's Boon* (AOE, P) Deadfall Grizzly Claws (AOE) Plague of Scavengers*
Thief Ambush Stun Terrify Credence Ambush Slash
Trader Speculate Coin
Warrior Mage Arc Light, Thunderclap (AOE) Ice Patch Ice Patch, Tremor (AOE), Vertigo (P) Ward Break*
  1. Damaris' Lullaby: The sleep effect normally only applies to the target you are facing. It will affect all targets, however, if you are not facing anything.
  2. Phelim's Sanction: Only works on Undead/Cursed enemies
  3. Hypnotize: Requires a calmed target
  4. Rend: Removes 2 spells
  5. Holy Warrior: Stun triggers on weapon attacks
  6. Forestwalker's Boon: Only works on Animals
  7. Plague of Scavengers: Requires Awaken Forest to be active
  8. Ward Break: Only works on "Spell" Barriers (Shear, Soldier's Prayer, etc.)
  9. Rite of Forbearance: Increases the integrity of outgoing offensive spells for barrier piercing purposes, beyond the normal cap, potentially allowing you to pierce any integrity barrier.

Combat Engagement

Engagement and Positioning - Enemy

Guild -Balance -Concentration -Fatigue Force Advance Force Disengage Force Flee Prevent Advance Prevent Disengage Prevent Flee Knockback Pull Reveal Hidden Prevent Stealth Alter Spawn
Barbarian Anger the Earth, Earthquake (AOE, P) Serpent's Hiss BCM - Intimidation Slash the Shadows (AOE) Warhorn*
Bard Desert's Maelstrom (AOE), Bardic Scream - Havoc Abandoned Heart (AOE, C) Whistle Piercing* (AoE) Bardic Scream - Havoc Eye of Kertigen* (C) Sanctuary (C) Sanctuary* (C), Warhorn*
Cleric Divine Radiance Soul Bonding Soul Bonding Soul Bonding Halo
Empath Innocence*, Manipulate* Compel*, Manipulate* Innocence*
Moon Mage Hypnotize* Hypnotize*
Necromancer Blood Burst
Paladin Crusader's Challenge Crusader's Challenge
Ranger Grizzly Claws (AOE) Swarm (AOE)
Thief Ambush Clout Ambush Choke Intimidate Ambush Slash, Intimidate Ambush Slash Ambush Slash
Warrior Mage Tremor (AOE), Vertigo (P) Frostbite (AOE) Shockwave (AOE, P) Paeldryth's Wrath, Shockwave (AOE, P), Tremor (AOE) Paeldryth's Wrath Electrostatic Eddy (AOE, C)
  1. Whistle Piercing: All creatures in the area except those engaged with the Bard retreat one engagement range. Gives 10 seconds of roundtime to all creatures including those engaged with the Bard. Does not affect players.
  2. Sanctuary: Prevents creatures from entering room.
  3. Warhorn: Barbarians will increase spawn rate when using a warhorn. Bards will decrease it.
  4. Eye of Kertigen: Automatically searches the room on each pulse but does not reveal.
  5. Compel, Innocence, Manipulate: Does not work on Constructs or Undead and may enrage Undead. Manipulate only works on creatures.
  6. Innocence, Intimidate: passive effect on all mobs, broken by playing an instrument and ignored by some special mechanics such as creature spells.
  7. Hypnotize: Requires a calmed target

Engagement and Positioning - Self

Guild +Balance Balance Heal +Fatigue Fatigue Heal Faster Advance Faster Disengage Auto-Hide Invisibility
Barbarian BCM - Balance* Monkey Form (P) BCM - Fatigue* Wolverine Form, War Stomp
Bard Bardic Scream - Defiance* (P) Hodierna's Lilt
Cleric Centering
Empath Aesandry Darlaeth (C) Refresh Refresh
Moon Mage Steps of Vuan (C, G, P)
Necromancer Eyes of the Blind
Paladin Truffenyi's Rally (AOE, G, P) Glyph of Ease
Ranger Cheetah Swiftness (C) Cheetah Swiftness (C) Earth Meld Blend
Thief Flight Shadowstep Vanish Silence, Vanish, Evanescence
Warrior Mage Sure Footing Zephyr (AOE)
  1. Barbarian Combat Maneuver - Balance: Reduces Balance lost from combat
  2. Barbarian Combat Maneuver - Fatigue: Reduces the amount of fatigue lost from attacking
  3. Bardic Scream - Defiance: Helps the Bard maintain a minimum of solid balance if not completely prone in combat.

Stat vs Stat

Offensive Stat Guide:

  • Mind = Intelligence, Wisdom, Discipline
  • Magic = Wisdom, Intelligence, Discipline
  • Spirit = Wisdom, Charisma, Intelligence
  • Charm = Charisma, Discipline, Intelligence
  • Fear = Charisma, Strength, Discipline
  • Power = Strength, Discipline, Stamina
  • Finesse = Agility, Reflex, Intelligence

Defensive Stat Guide:

  • (R)eflex = Reflex, Agility, Intelligence
  • (F)ortitude = Stamina, Discipline, Strength
  • (W)illpower = Discipline, Wisdom, Intelligence

SvS Offensive Abilities

Guild Mind Magic Spirit Charm Fear Power Finesse
Barbarian Mage's Lash (F), Mana Torment (W), Serpent's Hiss (W), Death's Embrace (F), Anger the Earth (R), Wail of Torment (F) Screech of Madness (F), Death's Shriek (W), Everild's Rage (W), Kuniyo's Strike (R), Slash the Shadows (R, AOE), Earthquake (R, AOE, P)
Bard Demrris' Resolve (W, AOE) Desert's Maelstrom (R, AOE, C) Aether Wolves (F, C), Damaris' Lullaby (W, AOE, C), Albreda's Balm (W, AOE, C)
Cleric Huldah's Pall (W), Idon's Theft (W), Spite of Dergati (W, AOE) Phelim's Sanction (W, AOE), Halo (R) Curse of Zachriedek (F), Malediction (F), Hydra Hex (F, AOE), Meraud's Cry (W), Soul Bonding (F), Soul Sickness (W), Sanyu Lyba (W)
Empath Nissa's Binding (F, AOE) Lethargy (F) Compel (W), Innocence (W)
Moon Mage Mental Blast (W), Sleep (W), Mind Shout (W, AOE), Rend (W) Dazzle (F) Tezirah's Veil (W), Sovereign Destiny (W) Calm (W)
Necromancer Petrifying Visions (W), Visions of Darkness (W) Viscous Solution (F, AOE) Heighten Pain (F)
Paladin Halt (W), Banner of Truce (W, AOE) Stun Foe (F) Shatter (F) Crusader's Challenge (W)
Ranger Curse of the Wilds (F), Deadfall (R), Devolve (F), Harawep's Bonds (R), Swarm (F, AOE) Grizzly Claws (F, AOE)
Thief Credence (W), Prowess* (W) Terrify (W), Intimidate (W), Prowess* (W) Ambush Stun (F) Ambush Choke (F), Ambush Screen (R), Ambush Slash (R), Ambush Clout (W), Ambush Ignite (R), Eliminate (R), Guile(W)
Trader Avren Aevareae (F, AOE) Fluoresce (R)
Warrior Mage Vertigo (W), Ward Break (W) Anther's Call (F), Arc Light (F), Ice Patch (R), Tingle (F), Electrostatic Eddy (F, AOE, C), Frostbite (F, AOE), Thunderclap (F, AOE), Tremor (F, AOE) Mark of Arhat (W)
  1. Khri Prowess: The attacker uses a Fear contest while hidden, and a Charm contest when not hidden.

SvS Specific Defense

Guild Mind Magic Spirit Charm Fear Power Finesse
Barbarian Badger Form (NA) Badger Form (NA) Badger Form (NA) Badger Form (NA)
Bard Redeemer's Pride (G, P)
Cleric Soul Shield
Moon Mage Psychic Shield Psychic Shield
Paladin Courage Courage
Trader Nonchalance Nonchalance
Warrior Mage

SvS General Defense

Guild Reflexes Fortitude Willpower
Barbarian Landslide Bastion
Bard Redeemer's Pride (G, P)
Empath Tranquility
Moon Mage Psychic Shield
Thief Serenity
Warrior Mage

Other Benefits

Bonus Crafting Technique Slots

Guild Bonus #1 Bonus #1 Bonus #1
Barbarian Weaponsmithing Weaponsmithing Weaponsmithing
Bard Tinkering Shaping Carving
Cleric Artificing Binding Invoking
Empath Remedies Remedies Cooking
Moon Mage Artificing Binding Invoking
Necromancer Reactants Reactants Carving
Paladin Armorsmithing Armorsmithing Armorsmithing
Ranger Carving Tailoring Tailoring
Thief Carving Carving Reactants
Trader Blacksmithing Blacksmithing Artistry
Warrior Mage Artificing Binding Invoking

Bonus Magical Feats

Guild Magical Feats
Bard Raw Channeling
Cleric Augmentation Mastery, Efficient Channeling
Empath Injured Casting
Moon Mage Basic Preparation Recognition, Utility Mastery
Necromancer Alternate Preparation
Warrior Mage Faster Targeting, Targeted Mastery

Healing and Death Mitigation

Guild Vitality Heal Mana Regeneration Spirit Heal/Regeneration Concentration Heal Wounds Bleeding Raise Prevent Death Penalties
Barbarian Famine (P), BCM - Vitality Staunch
Bard Hodierna's Lilt (C) Blessing of the Fae (AOE), Nexus* (AOE) Hodierna's Lilt
Cleric Eylhaar's Feast* Eylhaar's Feast*, Persistence of Mana (R), Meraud's Commune* Auspice, Vigil* Hodierna's Commune Murrula's Flames (R), Resurrection (C) Mass Rejuvenation (AOE), Rejuvenation, Uncurse
Empath Heart Link*, Vitality Healing Raise Power* (AOE) Mental Focus Heal, Heal Scars, Heal Wounds, Regenerate (C) Blood Staunching, Heart Link Adaptive Curing*
Moon Mage Shadowling
Necromancer Risen*, Siphon Vitality Risen*. Rite of Forbearance* Risen* Consume Flesh, Devour, Necrotic Reconstruction* Spiteful Rebirth Spiteful Rebirth, Covetous Rebirth*, Devour*
Paladin Vessel of Salvation* Glyph of Mana Alamhif's Gift, Auto-Glyph, Glyph of Bonding, Glyph of Warding, Sacred Insight
Ranger Beseech the Wind to Refresh Beseech Elanthia to Cradle Beseech Elanthia to Seal
Trader Resumption
Warrior Mage Ethereal Fissure* (AOE)
  1. Eylhaar's Feast: Heals either Vitality, Mana, or Fatigue at the cost of Spirit
  2. Heart Link: Equalizes the Vitality between 2 PCs
  3. Vigil: Equalizes the Spirit between 2 PCs
  4. Risen: Must use Bleed Command
  5. Necrotic Reconstruction: Only works on corpses, Constructs, or Zombies
  6. Covetous Rebirth: Allows coins and items to be kept when departing and departs to a guildhall instead of a ressurection altar
  7. Vessel of Salvation: Creates a Vitality "battery"
  8. Raise Power (Life), Nexus (Elemental), Ethereal Fissure (Elemental), and Meraud's commune (Holy) does not restore mana. it only raises the mana levels for that room. Each has their own price. RP tanks fatigue. Nexus power is determined by the number of people in the room. ETF slowly degrades during the cast time. Meraud's requires devotion, eased by having a dead body in the room.
  9. Rite of Forbearance: Reduced attunement when casting, freezes attunement regen
  10. Adaptive Curing: Allows Heal to be pre-cast before death and will continue healing the empath's corpse after death.
  11. Devour: If pre-cast before death it will continue to heal the necromancer's corpse after death.


Guild Combat (Offense) Combat (Defense/Support) Carry Coins Carry Items Locate
Bard Beckon the Naga*
Cleric Sanyu Lyba
Empath Guardian Spirit Guardian Spirit*
Moon Mage Starlight Sphere* (C) Shadowling Shadow Servant
Necromancer Call from Beyond, Risen, Quicken the Earth Risen Risen Risen Risen
Ranger Awaken Forest Ranger Companion* Ranger Companion*
Warrior Mage Magnetic Ballista Familiar Familiar Familiar* Familiar
  • Beckon the Naga: Can turn against the caster if it runs out of targets before the summon duration runs out
  • Guardian Spirit: The spirit's weapon can be swapped for another mundane, one-handed edge weapon but it cannot carry any other items
  • Starlight Sphere: Only available at night.
  • Ranger Companion: Wolf companions can hold items (not weapons) up to 70 stones when fully grown
  • Familiar: The Bear familiar is capable of holding one item, including a filled container, of up to 1500 stones.


Guild Darkvision Encumbrance Light Locate Luck Prevent Locate Remote Viewing
Analogous Patterns Ease Burden
Barbarian Buffalo Form
Bard Eye of Kertigen (C) Eillie's Cry* Sanctuary (AOE, C)
Cleric Divine Radiance
Moon Mage Tenebrous Sense Locate Distant Gaze, Shadewatch Mirror
Necromancer Risen Risen
Paladin Glyph of Light
Ranger Beseech the Dark to Sing Ranger Companion
Thief Sight Contact* Dampen Sensing
Trader Speculate Luck
Warrior Mage Mantle of Flame (R) Familiar Familiar
  1. Eillie's Cry: Caster will receive a locate if the target dies
  2. Contact: User and target must be in an urban area. First level allows locate within your current urban zone and a later level allows locate to reach all urban zones.

Why to play or avoid this class

Guild Why is it special What are the hassles
Barbarian Very wide toolkit. Climbs the creature ladder very fast, possibly tied with rangers. Whirlwind is a great weapon trainer. Killing gives you "mana" (inner fire), and Arcana is basically a free skill. Can spend 100% of time in combat and easily progress. Limited number of abilities able to be run at any one time. No access to the magic system's perks (feats, tattoos, scroll slots). Slow ability progression. Magic abilities require combat to keep up well.
Bard Very strong combination of AOE debilitation and damage options. High number of unique utility abilities. Limited but very potent guild abilities. Access to one of the most powerful RP skills, playact. Crafting and the lore skillset is underwhelming. Utility is unique but not often sought after. Evasion and Armor tertiary makes it a slower ladder climber. High number of cyclic abilities limits the number of concurrent abilities the guild can run. Limited defensive toolkit and you won't use most of your spells outside of training.
Cleric Only class able to resurrect another player. Strong debilitation options. Strong AOE damage options (strongest AOE damage option against undead). Very strong offensive and defensive capabilities while hunting undead, potentially at the limits of what a player will be allowed to do, ever. Very wide toolkit. Very strong defensive spells. Highest number of stat buffs. Potentially the best PvP class. Virtually unlimited mana. Self-res. Restore your own memories if you die. Natively able to hunt all creatures in the game. Guild skill requires a lot of baby sitting. Evasion and armor tertiary, so slower ladder progression.
Empath Only class that can heal others, best at self-healing, and can choose between full combat or full utility. Interesting choice of offensive (Guardian Spirit) or defensive stances (Regeneration). Only class capable of curing their own diseases. Fully buffed, they're as defensive as paladins. Taunting pet. Possible to ignore combat entirely. Best combat spell and hunting living creatures will reduce the healing kit and remove the ability to heal others. Crafting and the lore skillset is underwhelming. Empathy can be a limiting factor for circling. No AOE damage options. Pet can be hit by group's AOE spells, causing it to attack friends. Pet is clunky to use.
Moon Mage Extremely useful guild skill (buff any skill in the game). Very high lore and RP customization. Possible to level to cap without ever touching combat. Strong utility with summons and teleports. Capable of very fast travel almost anywhere in the game (at some personal risk). Strong debilitation spell, if a one-trick pony. Very strong mana regeneration. Many skills require moons to function. Lowest damage options of the three magic guilds. Weapons and Armor tertiary, so it will progress up the critter ladder more slowly. Very strong combatants on the upper end, but it takes much longer to get there.
Necromancer The only class other than empaths which can Self-heal. Incredibly strong offensive spells, AOE and single target. Strong combat pets. Moderately useful utility pet. Self-res. Lower breadth of RP options, and punishment if you're in town too long. Your spells will kill at least once. You will be arrested or killed if not careful. Guild development is slow and generally unfinished. The theme is heavily into death and decay type messaging. Solitary life outside of the necro community or out of game communication.
Paladin Strongest natural defensive suite in the game, potentially tied with empaths for damage mitigation. Can wear plate armor with the same hindrance as chain for other classes. Moderate offensive capabilities. Some unique buffs, if rarely used (see glyphs and vessel of salvation). Protect is very strong when multi-boxing or group hunting. Can pacify an entire room. Capable of blessing your own weapons to allow hunting non-corporeal undead. Taunting spell. Weak AOE options. Evasion tertiary which slows down ladder climbing for a martial class. Very low development. Generally considered an underdeveloped guild. The anti-thief spells are mostly irrelevant now, and group hunting is a rarity outside of multiboxers.
Ranger Fastest guild at climbing the critter latter. Strong stealth suite, especially outside of town. Strong survivals while outside of town. Archer theme, with snipe (shoot and stay hiding) and dual-load (shoot two arrows at once). Poor AOE damage options. Companion system is more of a hassle than a benefit. Game pushes the ranger to stay outside of town, with some minor options to limit the impact. Generally considered an underdeveloped class. Scouting as a guild skill is kind of useless.
Thief Spells are instant cast. Faster Breaking and Entering. Interesting systems, such as robbing a Museum or a secret communication channel (signing). Thievery is much easier to train than it used to be. Backstab is the strongest alpha strike (bonus damage modifier) in the game. Strong stealth setup, such as auto-hiding when hit or 0 RT or able to easily train stealth early on in very hindering gear. Very strong survival buff while in town. Only class other than empaths capable of curing their own poison. Class has seen recent improvements. No AOE damage options. Concentration fuels magic, which limits the number of abilities they can have on at once. Slow ability progression. "one-trick pony" (if someone can see through you're stealth then you'll have a hard time beating them. No "dump stats", so slower stat progression. Gains spells (Khri) more slowly than most guilds. Armor tertiary, so a well-rounded character will progress more slowly (but you don't have to if you only play in PvE - still recommended but not required). No access to the magic system's perks (feats, tattoos, scroll slots)
Trader Up to 60% increased currency when selling your own pouches and bundles. Allows running of your own shop. Lunar mana, so not tied to specific rooms. Buffs the most crafting skills. Shield and Evasion secondary. Strong defensive toolkit. Strong debilitation in speculate coin. Caravan is an extra vault. In game currency is monopoly money and mostly useless outside of very new characters and very, very high-level auctions. Trading is the most annoying skill in the game. Crafting and the lore skill set is underwhelming. Generally weak offensive toolkit. Some spells require "starlight" which can be limiting, especially early on. Weak cyclic options. Small toolkit, and half the spells will not be used. Luck is incomplete. Slow ability progression. Armor summoning is mostly an RP tool.
Warrior Mage Very strong offensive toolkit, possibly most damaging spells in the game. Earliest access to AOE damaging spells. Buffs evasion and shield of party members. Very strong cyclics, with the choice of dealing paralysis or damage. Spells capable of targeting almost every weakness. Easiest guild skill to train. Familiars for RP and minor functional benefits. Summoning domains to change room mana types to be more favorable. Very fast ability progression. Pathways are useful in managing spells. Strongest burst damage with skill (character) and preparation. Potentially the most number of native concurrent buffs. Little to no utility, especially out of combat. Evasion and Shield tertiary, so they climb the creature ladder more slowly. A lot of redundancy in the toolkit. Familiars and elemental weapons are mostly RP tools since you'll have better tools available (discord for communication, easily available weapons). Targeted magic will hold you back until high levels. You'll end up using only a limited number of damaging spells, based on the creature you're fighting.
  • "Cylics" in this context represent mostly passive, always on spells. Limit 1, except for barbarians.
  • Ability progression is how fast they gain new abilities and spells - See spell slots