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A voluntary development strike team composed of GameMasters Zadraes, Tullie, Ulerith, Cordulia, and Haros. Their goal is to push out regular small updates each week, usually on Tuesdays.

February 2020

March 2020

  • Tuesday Tidings 5: New BADNAME command to flag potentially policy violating names for staff review.[5]
  • Tuesday Tidings 6:
  • Junkyard mechanics were updated to include a few more verbs to help those of you who end up visiting it. APPRAISE, BREAK, COUNT, LOWER and UNTIE should now be usable!
  • An update to the FLAGS verb to help with the custom login/logout messages. There are two options here. First, the FLAG verb now has an option to let you toggle your personal custom messaging completely off or on -- this affects what is seen by those in the same area as you as well as the arrivals window. There's also an option for you to disable seeing others' custom messaging for the arrivals window only. You'll still see the area messaging if you're with someone.[6]

April 2020

  • Tuesday Tidings 7: New level ~58-63 hunting ground near Siksraja released.[7]
  • Elder Adan'f blademasters and sorcerers are now skinnable.[10]
  • The Whistling Wood is now boreal.[11]
  • Fang Cove's rotating shops are also reset to rotate on Tuesdays (although this will drift over time).

May 2020

June 2020

  • Facial Hair RTs have been lowered considerably and there are now STUDY mechanics to explain verbs, tools, and more.
  • PUT command update with a new warning message when you try to put an item in/on/under/behind a container in the room that also matches to something you're wearing.[20]

July 2020

  1. Shrapnel boxes have been updated to remove their PvP and mech abuse aspects. When such a box detonates, it will only harm the person who blew it; it will no longer lodge shards in others nearby. Additionally, the wounds were changed from external wounds to internal.
  2. Anatomy charts and textbooks have been added as valid APPRAISE FOCUS targets for First Aid.
  3. Tembeg's Armory in Crossing has three new metal masks (chain, scale, and plate).[23]
  • Tuesday Tidings 22: A new brush-choked pathway near Leth Deriel's NW gate, in the Northern Reaches of Bosque Deriel for premium Rangers at level 50+ leads to a nature-friendly clearing within the surrounding woods. A mix of cabins and tree-type homes are available to be claimed by those eligible.[24]
  • Tuesday Tidings 23: [25]
  1. ATMOS verb has new options.
  2. Group window is more reliable [but in Test only for a few days]!

August 2020

  • Tuesday Tidings 24:[26]
  1. A new weapon shop, The Art of Attack, added into the rotation in Fang Cove.
  2. The number of rotating shops in Fang Cove has increased. Now three shops will be open at a time (up from two).

September 2020

HOME CATALOG NEARBY command option release to help you find unclaimed homes in neighborhoods near you.
URCHIN GUIDES expanded to include the URCHIN GUIDE HOME command to guide you to your own home. As with all urchin commands; requires being in a justice area, having an urchin guide contract, and being in the same province as your home.


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