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Strength is the maximum potential force a character can generate during physical activity.



  • Reduces Fatigue cost when completing combat actions.[1][2]
  • Reduces Roundtime when swinging a weapon.[3][4]
  • Improves the chance to hit foes in combat.[5]
  • Increases power of physical attacks, particularly with weapons that appraise highly in the "suited for strength" category[6][7]
  • Improves Evasion skill indirectly by reducing Encumbrance
  • Improves parrying skill.[8][9]
  • Improves skill at blocking with a shield
  • Increases accuracy of certain brawling commands.
  • Used offensively in Fear and Power contested spells[10]
  • Used defensively in Fortitude defenses.[11]

Other Uses:

  • Increases maximum Encumbrance [12]
  • Increases the weight that can be dragged.
  • Helps in jumping from ferry to ferry
  • Affects the maximum weight of an item that Survival Primes can SLIP in and out of containers and to other people
  • Reduces mining roundtimes.[13][14]
  • Assists with Athletics for climbing, swimming and retreating[15][16]
  • Assists with Carving and Forging.[17]

Spells and Abilities that Boost Strength

Spells and Abilities that Decrease Strength



Tembeg's Armory, go doorway, go bellows room
(can use DIR Strength)

[Tembeg's Armory, Bellows Room]
A sweating Dwarf grunts at you and gestures towards a line of equally perspiring beings laboring to haul an enormous set of bellows up and down. Somewhere nearby, a forge fire roars and hisses in time to the rush of air from the effort and someone beats a deep-voiced drum to call the cadence of work. You keep muttering to yourself the old mantra "That which does not kill you, makes you stronger" as you grimly ready yourself.

You grasp the bellows and begin to work with all your strength.

Eventually, a trainer signals you to stop and you realize you are now stronger indeed than when you entered this place.


Bantheld's Ironworks, Backroom, go door
(can use DIR Strength)

[Bantheld's Ironworks, Backroom]
Several workers grunt and sweat in this storage area as they lift and move huge crates of armor and accessories. A gruff-looking Gor'Tog peers at you with a look which asks without words, "Just what are you doing in my kingdom?" Several of the wooden boxes are open revealing different types of rings and plates used in making armor.

The Gor'Tog walks you over to a stack of crates nearly reaching to the ceiling. He taps the crates and then points to a wagon. "All of them and be quick about it!" he bellows.
The first few crates, although extremely heavy, are easily handled. But as the number moved increases, your arms begin to burn. Sweat trickles down your back. By the time you are finished with the task your legs shake, your arms hang numb at your side and your back screams for rest. The Gor'Tog chuckles, "Be on your way now." and as you leave you hear him say to the others, "I bet we never see that one again!"


Imble's Ironworks, Foundry, climb steps

[Imble's Ironworks, Foundry]
Burning every moment of every day, the great fires of the foundry generate enormous heat. Giant bellows and cooling fans, operated by the teams of burly slaves, assist the smiths in creating the famous anchors. Though master craftsman abound in this shop, Imble himself is always willing to give the interested visitor a sound lesson in taming the molten iron ore.

Aesry Surlaenis'a

Cha'walkas, Beside the Pier

[Cha'walkas, Beside the Pier]
At the shore beside the salt-encrusting pilings of the dock, several sailors cluster about a stained wooden sign, arguing over who has seen the worst storm. A small two-man boat is tied to the pier, a set of oars inside.


Hangman's Noose, Backroom

[Hangman's Noose, Backroom]
Several sweating laborers haul a seemingly endless quantity of casks across the floor from a loading dock. They curse and strain as they hoist each one up onto one of many shelves already filled with dozens of casks, each painted a dull black. A massive Gor'Tog overseer flicks a short-handled whip to remind shirkers of their job.

The overseer nods to you and points his whip over to the casks of ale. You heft several and replace them onto shelves, over and over, until the sweat pours down your back and your mouth longs for a taste of what's inside. You finally finish, weary but stronger for your effort.


Gor'Tog District, Behind a Stone Hut

[Gor'Tog District, Behind a Stone Hut]
Leaning against the back wall of the hut, a massively muscular Gor'Tog hums to himself. He is having some difficulty staying on key, but it doesn't seem to bother him much. Several massive sledgehammers lie amid fragments of rock scattered widely about the area, almost as if there had been an explosion. You also see a dirt path, a crooked sign.

A crooked sign reads: See me if you wanna build bigger muscles.

The huge Gor'Tog snags one of the sledgehammers with one hand and slings it over to you in an easy motion. The weight staggers you a moment. He jerks a thumb at some large chunks of rock and hollers, "Don't just stand there. Get to breakin' em!" You swing the sledgehammer over and over again, not seeming to make much progress. Just as you feel your arms are about to come out of their sockets, the 'Tog steps up to you and says, "Now that wasn't so bad, was it?" To your surprise, the rocks in front of you are now just a pile of dust and pebbles. Wiping the sweat from your brow, you realize that you feel stronger.


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