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Thief thumb.jpgThief Guild
Requirements: 25th circle
Slot Cost: 2
Difficulty: None
Type / Skill: ambush / debilitation
Use Cost: 4
Contest: power vs. fortitude
Description: Done from hiding, will attempt to give the opponent a nasty crack on the head that has the potential to knock them completely unconscious.
Effect: Causes head damage and variable duration stun dependent on success.
Messaging: Unknown


  • Can be performed with any melee weapon and a strength check against the weight of the weapon, or with special brawling equipment sold in Thief shops.
  • Also includes skill checks in Stealth skill, Backstab skill, and with the weapon used.

"Weapon" Variations

The following items were designed for use specifically with this ability:

Amber glass pitcherThieves' Guild Shop (Crossing)10
Bent iron candle holderThieves' Guild Shop (Crossing)30
Brass pipeThieves' Guild Shop (Crossing)25
Brushed brass pipeThieves' Guild Shop (Ain Ghazal)25
Claw-footed chair legThieves' Guild Shop (Ain Ghazal)20
Clay brickThieves' Guild Shop (Crossing)15
Copper pipeThieves' Guild Shop (Crossing)10
Cracked clay brickLanky grey lach15
Darkened steel pipeThieves' Guild Shop (Ain Ghazal)50
Dented copper pipeLanky grey lach15
Heavy lead pipeThieves' Guild Shop (Ain Ghazal)60
Iron pipeThieves' Guild Shop (Crossing)50
Lead pipeThieves' Guild Shop (Crossing)50
Painted clay brickThieves' Guild Shop (Ain Ghazal)15
Pewter flagonThieves' Guild Shop (Crossing)20
Pewter gobletThieves' Guild Shop (Crossing)15
Polished copper pipe (1)Thieves' Guild Shop (Ain Ghazal)20
Rotting table legLanky grey lach15
Rowan boardThieves' Guild Shop (Ain Ghazal)15
Rowan stool legThieves' Guild Shop (Ain Ghazal)10
Silver candlestickThieves' Guild Shop (Ain Ghazal)30
Silver goblet with filigree along the rimThieves' Guild Shop (Ain Ghazal)15
Swirled glass vaseThieves' Guild Shop (Ain Ghazal)10
Wooden boardThieves' Guild Shop (Crossing)15
Wooden chair legThieves' Guild Shop (Crossing)10
Wooden stool legThieves' Guild Shop (Crossing)10

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