Glyph of Warding

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Paladin thumb.jpgPaladin Guild
Requirements: ​5th circle
Difficulty: None
Type / Skill: glyph / -
Description: This glyph, when traced on a dead body, allows a Paladin to protect a dead person's items when they depart for a limited period of time. When the owner TAPs the glyph his possessions will automatically be worn. A Paladin can retrace the glyph to see how much time is left, and if there are fewer than two minutes remaining the glyph will be refreshed. When traced on a living person, this glyph prevents an assailant from aiming ranged weapons or targeting spells.
Effect: protect a dead person's items when they depart, prevent an assailant from aiming or targeting
Messaging: Paladin sees: You trace the glyph of warding around <player>'s dead body!
Others see: <Paladin> traces the glyph of warding over <player>'s body until a soft red glow appears.

Upon departing: The warding glyph flares into a brilliant red light as it settles over <player>'s remains, protecting them.
On a living player: You trace the glyph of warding at <player> whose attention waivers from you.


  • Quest granted by any guildleader.
  • Duration is dependent on circle and Charisma.

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