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Agility is a character's physical dexterity and working with fine motor skills.



Other Uses:

Spells and Abilities that Boost Agility

Spells and Abilities that Decrease Agility

Training Locations


Agility Training.jpg
The Academy of Agility
(can use DIR agility)

[The Academy of Agility]
Many people stand about, watching others engaged in a bizarre ritual. Four hold pairs of staves on the ground, the fifth stands in the center. At a signal, the stave holders begin to sweep them across the floor in a rhythmic pattern of dazzling complexity. The person in the middle begins to leap and caper, avoiding the impact of the heavy rods as they slap together. You notice that you are being watched and you realize you must soon put your own agility to the test or leave untrained and unproven.

After what seems an astonishing amount of time, you find you have completed your training in agility.


Riverhaven, Dance Academy, go building
(can use DIR agility)

[Riverhaven, Dance Academy]
Jeseri's dance academy consists of a single room with polished hard wood floors. Polished metal paneling provides students and teacher alike with reflected images that allows self observation. An assistant dance instructor acknowleges you with a smile then turns back to her students, continuing her patient coaching. A young elf sits quietly in the corner, awaiting his instruction to provide more music on his lute. There is a large sign that is tacked to the wall on the far end of the room.

The instructor steps aside with you to teach you the finer points of balance and body control. Exercises in balancing on one foot as you spin and rolling somersaults into a standing position are done over and over until you are convinced your body can't give you any more. But as the instruction wears on, you do find the movements come with more ease and grace.


Antellius' Weapons Training

[Antellius' Weapons Training]
The scents of old sweat and dried blood have been worked into the wooden floor of the salle with the passage of time. Hundreds of students have walked these polished boards, their skills ranging from inept to masterful. Blademaster Antellius, the school's patron and head teacher, stands in one corner of the room, appraising his students.

Antellius takes you aside and gives you one short, assessing glance. He points towards a target and hands you a small throwing axe. He explains the finer points of how to test for wind speed and direction, how to prevent your wrist from snapping when you throw, and also ways to focus your mind on the target to increase your chances of hitting it. Keeping his advice in mind, you throw the axe at the target, missing it completely! Antellius mutters under his breath about hamfisted farmers.

Aesry Surlaenis'a

Joirin's Puzzle Shop, go door

[Joirin's Puzzle Shop, Back Room]
Several halfling children, each seated at a small table, labor industriously to build the puzzles their father sells in his shop. An older woman walks among the children, helping them with the more difficult parts. A large sign hangs on the wall opposite the wooden door leading out.

You approach the woman, asking her to teach you the craftwork she is showing her children. Before you know it, you are seated at a table the perfect size for you, trying to fit a copper wire through a small pinhole. After several futile attempts, most involving a stuck finger or two, you finally manage to stick it through and tie off the end so it doesn't slide back. The children cheer your success, before their mother scolds them to get back to their work. As you stand up, you realize that you have learned much about how to control your fingers.


Greenwalls Tower, Arrow Range

[Greenwalls Tower, Arrow Range]
As you look about, you wonder for a moment just what the lunatics out at the far end of the field are doing just standing there while apprentice Rangers shoot arrows at them, until you realize that this is Shard's idea of agility training. You do note to only minor relief that the bows in use appear to be lightly strung, the arrow tips padded against severe puncture damage.

You stand in front of the target, stretching and warming up. An Elven woman steps out with a bow, pulls back, and fires several consecutive arrows in your direction. You manage to dodge most of them, but you could swear she's taking sadistic delight in all this.


Dwarven Stomp Studio

[Dwarven Stomp Studio]
This large rectangular chamber is bare of furniture. Several rows are marked off by chalked lines drawn along the floor. Carefully arranged against one wall are dozens of pairs of steel-toed boots from which a few people are making their selections. Above the boots is a carefully lettered sign. You also see a bronze-banded door.
A sign reads:
Stomp Lessons Here!

A middle-aged Dwarven couple steps forward, both of them wearing very heavy boots that make a loud "CLOMP" when they walk. The man jerks his thumb at the footwear against the wall and gruffly tells you, "Get yerself shod!" You hurriedly choose a pair that fits and put them on. They each put an arm around your shoulders, and the woman instructs, "And kick...and stomp...and kick...and stomp..." They lead you through increasingly rapid steps, raising a deafening clatter with each meeting of foot and floor. Finally, they come to a stop, leaving you gasping for breath. The woman smiles at you and says, "You'll do dear, but you sure do tire out easily. Maybe you need a nice nap." As you remove the heavy boots, you realize that you do feel a certain ease of movement you hadn't noticed before.


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