Beseech Elanthia to Cradle

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Ranger thumb.jpgRanger Guild
Beseech Elanthia to Cradle
Requirements: 25th circle
Difficulty: basic
Type / Skill: beseech / -
Use Cost: 25 Spirit Alignment
Description: Invoking this beseech puts you into a 30 second round time while vines cover you from head to toe. While so encased you will not loose any vitality to bleeding wounds.
Effect: , , Prevent vitality loss from bleeding
Messaging: >align 25

You lower your head, close your eyes and begin breathing slowly as you channel a small portion of your existing spirit health into reserve to be used as needed by nature itself.
>beseech elanthia to cradle
You feel your spirit weaken.
You begin to chant as you connect with the soil of Elanthia.
You sense a loss of your inner-self and feel yourself go into shock as you crumple to the ground! (Roundtime: 30 seconds)

The ground of Elanthia moans and shudders as cracks and small holes begin to open on the surface!

Vines begin to grow rapidly from the cracks and holes in the ground as the earth continues to moan and howl with a bone-chilling effect!

Like thousands of fingers seeking in the dark, the vines search you out and begin encasing you in a cocoon.

Having finished their work encasing you, the vines begin to restrict, strategically stopping the flow of blood.

You struggle against the enshrouding vines and, finally, pull free.
Roundtime: 3 sec.


This beseech is extremely useful when a Ranger might be dying. Vines will cover you and stop all bleeding. Vitality will be recovered over time. In effect, this ability acts like you have no bleeders, no matter how severe they are.

You will not be able to move at all while this beseech is in effect. Any movement will cause a 3 second round time. If you move again, the beseech will end.

The best use for this beseech is when you are facing imminent death. You will have a 30 second round time upon evoking this beseech and then can not move at all until the beseech is broken (by movement).

An important note about this ability: You MUST be in an area with plants. This ability will NOT work in caves, mountains, water, or cities.