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Empath thumb.jpgEmpathGuild

Abbreviation: -
Prerequisites: Iron Constitution
Signature: No
Spell Slots: 1
Mana Type: Life Magic
Spell Type: standard / utility
Difficulty: basic
Prep (min/max): 5 / 100
Skill Range (min/max): 10 / 600
Valid Spell Target: PC, Creature
Duration (min/max): 2 minutes / 10 minutes
Justice: Unknown
Corruption: Unknown
Description: The Innocence spell demonstrates that you are not a threat, causing opponents to turn away from advancing upon you and face another. Undead creatures, on the other hand, are unaffected by the spell pattern.
Effect: forces target to disengage; prevents facing/advancing
Example Messaging: You gesture.

Tapering ribbons of soft yellow extend across the area, pausing to dance in swirls and eddies.

Successful messaging:
A <creature> loses all track of harmful intention toward you and disengages.

Unsuccessful messaging:
You extend your will, attempting to bring your empathy to bear upon a small boggle. It shrugs off your efforts, the spell pattern unravelling harmlessly.

Contest Type: charm / willpower


  • Spell cannot be re-cast if the caster has an existing innocence on them. Can be re-cast after releasing the spell RELEASE INNOCENCE or after it expires.
  • Prevents facing and advancing by players and creatures, but does not stop ranged attacks such as arrows, thrown weapons and spells. Also prevents the use of AIM with ranged attacks.
  • Facing or advancing by the caster will cause the spell to wear off.
  • Only functions versus living creatures. May enrage undead and has no effect on most constructs.
  • "Yeah, the spell contest doesn't show up in DISCERN because the contest doesn't happen (or doesn't usually happen) via CAST, it happens when something tries to face or advance you, &c. We have a way around what but I won't be able to roll any changes to the spell until we've gotten past a few more X3 bumps backstage." --GM Melete Posts

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