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Bard Guild

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Primary Skillset: Lore
Secondary Skillsets: Magic, Weapon
Tertiary Skillsets: Survival, Armor
Special Abilities: Recall, Playact, Enchantes
Mana Type: Elemental
Barbarian - Bard - Cleric - Commoner - Empath - Moon Mage

Necromancer - Paladin - Ranger - Thief - Trader - Warrior Mage

Masters of Music, and well schooled in a wide range of skills and lore, a Bard drinks in all he or she can of the happenings of the lands and uses it to their advantage. To attempt to define a Bard is to try to put order to the sands on the shore -- they are warriors, performers, wanderers, teachers, scholars... and much much more.

A boon to any adventuring group, their area-affecting magic can be instrumental to its survival and success. Be sure to bring extra libations, for a Bard's job is thirsty work.

About 180 years ago, a darkness fell upon the Guild with their near extermination by the Dragon Priests, silencing their voice and scattering their unity. The spirit of Music was reawakened by the selfless acts of Siryn -- and the voices of those who sang for her. Much has been rebuilt since the Guild doors were reopened, a new spirit and unity grows within that portents to rival and surpass what once was a proud and vibrant past.

General Information

Guild crest: A wren perched upon a fisted gauntlet over a lute of gold

Information courtesy of Dragonrealms Website.

Guild Hall Locations

Considered by some the 'main' Guildhall for Bards, this renovated structure is home to the famed Bard Silvyrfrost. She maintains a renown roster of the highest circled Bards. (You can type DIR BARD for directions.)
Rebuilt upon the location of its predecessor, the Riverhaven Guildhall stands tall with plenty of space for the Guild Leader Tasdrean, having assumed the mantle of leadership in the wake of Guild Leader Ezruh's departure. Tasdrean manages a renown roster keeping track of the most musical and academic of Bards. (You can type DIR BARD for directions.)
Sequestered in one of the city's many drinking establishments, the Guild Leader Macfrae tends to his cups as well as those Bards that pass by his table. Macfrae also tends to a renown roster of the most disciplined and hardiest of Bards.
Located in the Theater District of the third tier of Ratha, the workshop is more of an office for repair work than a true Guildhall. Guild Leader Lileyew always has a ready smile for any Bards passing through. True to her nature, she keeps a renown roster of the most charismatic Bards she has met.
The white sentinel is rumored to contain a large Bardic Guildhall, unfortunately access is currently unavailable. Among these rumours is a renown roster tracking those Bards most skilled in magical efforts.
Located near the Heketha Theatre and the Street of Performers, the Guildhall is cared for by the Bard Leader Selinthesa's watchful eye. She includes in her gaze a renown roster of the Bards most skilled in the use of any weapon.
Found in Inner Hibarnhvidar. Also located in the Guildhall is Siryn's study, which is watched over by Guildleader Yaziyi. Despite being an artist at heart, he maintains a renown roster of the most well-rounded combatants among the guild. Included in his assessment is the Bard's ability to parry, evade, use a shield, and target lethal magics as well as their effectiveness with their most used weapon and type of armor.


The Bard's Guild is lead by a Council. The Council is comprised of the sitting Guild Leaders with the True Bard D'Or as the Head.

Skillsets and Common Races

A bard's primary skillset is Lore. Magic and Weapon are secondary skillsets, with Survival and Armor as tertiary skills.

Bards break down into the following races:

Elven 50%
Human 18%
Prydaen 12%
Dwarven 9%
Gnome 1%

Crafting Affiliation

Guilded bards receive one free technique slot in the Tinkering discipline of the Engineering skill, one free technique slot in the Shaping discipline of the Engineering skill and one free technique slot in the Carving discipline of the Engineering skill.

See: Crafting

Guild Abilities

Vocal Technique

When anyone uses the SING, CHANT, or CHORUS commands, their vocal range is displayed (e.g., tenor, soprano). Anyone can check their own vocal range with PRACTICE VOICE.

Bards are able to change their own vocal range with skill in Vocals. They can check which ranges they can do with PRACTICE VOICE, and use PRACTICE VOICE <range> to change to a new range.

Instrumental Technique

Bards who keep their focus on their percussion, string and wind instruments can maintain a higher inspirational state, affording them a greater performing skill that can affect all aspects of their music.


An advanced performance ability, PLAYACT allows a Bard to perform with greater effect and clarity for their audience.


Bards are the tellers of stories and the keepers of knowledge; they know countless stories of legends and folklore, and they remember. This allows them to be adept at learning information about the areas they visit through numerous means -- local gossip, rumor, legends, folklore, superstitions. With the right training, a Bard can tune in to the lands, spirits, ancient calendars and RECALL what was.

Bardic Whistling

Over the years Bards have developed several special techniques with whistling, from just being more expressive to being able to distract enemies with a piercing whistle. Rumor has it some Bards have also learned to effectively communicate via whistling.

Bardic Screams

Many a story has been told of Bards who have mastered the control of their voice to a degree where it can be used as a weapon in battle. While many of these legendary techniques have been lost, there persist to this day stories of Bards vanquishing their foes with a defiant scream.

Song Scrolls

Bards also can memorize song scrolls containing lore from across Kermoria. A variety of shops from The Crossing to Aesry stock them.


Over the course of their career, Bards learn many techniques to aid them in performance. Among them are the ability to convincingly BLUFF their audience, or SLIP in some dazzling sleight of hand tricks. Bards have also been known to learn the art of ventriloquism, throwing their voice onto props, and, if stories are to be believed, even other people.

Slip Ability:
Gained at level 5 - Sleight of Hand with coins.
Syntax: SLIP <person> COIN <ear|nose|mouth|wound> <easy/hard>

Bluff Abilities: BLUFF <player|item|critter> BLUFF <player|critter> <option> Options: emperor, sister, lanival, baron, merchant, sidhlot, priest, swallow, glythtide, penguin BLUFF <self> BLUFF DODGE to dodge in combat. BLUFF DISTRACT to gain a better chance at hiding. BLUFF AMAZE to put on a charismatic show. BLUFF DEAD to play dead. *** Be warned, this could get you killed! ***


Segue allows you to transition from one active cyclic spell to another, without preparation time and even while preparing a different spell.

Bardic Magic

Bards use both magic and their skill with sound to weave Elemental mana into their voice.

The Bardic spell tree requires 55 spell slots to master. Bards earn 76 spell slots at 150 which leaves experienced Bards plenty of room for Magic Techniques or Analogous Patterns spells. All magic guilds get a free magical feat at circle 2, and Bards get Raw Channeling as theirs. However, Bards also have this ability inherently at first circle at an increased attunement cost per pulse, so earning this feat effectively only eliminates that penalty for them.

Aura of Tongues (Utility)Eillie's Cry (Augmentation)Faenella's Grace (Augmentation)Caress of the Sun (Utility)Aether Wolves (Debilitation)Hodierna's Lilt (Utility)Demrris' Resolve (Debilitation)Words of the Wind (Ritual Augmentation)Damaris' Lullaby (Debilitation)Whispers of the Muse (Augmentation)Redeemer's Pride (Warding)Breath of Storms (Targeted Magic)Eye of Kertigen (Utility)Blessing of the Fae (Augmentation)Glythtide's Joy (Warding)Naming of Tears (Warding)Drums of the Snake (Augmentation)Resonance (Utility)Abandoned Heart (Targeted Magic)Misdirection (Augmentation, Debilitation)Desert's Maelstrom (Debilitation)Phoenix's Pyre (Targeted Magic)Will of Winter (Ritual Augmentation)Beckon the Naga (Targeted Magic)Sanctuary (Utility)Echoes of Aether (Ritual Augmentation)Nexus (Utility)Harmony (Augmentation)|Failure of the Forge (Warding)Albreda's Balm (Debilitation, Utility)Rage of the Clans (Augmentation)Soul Ablaze (Ritual Augmentation)Bard Spells.png
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Circle Requirements

Skillset Skill 1-10 11-30 31-70 71-100 101-150 151-200
armor 1st Armor 2 2 2 3 3 8
weapon Parry Ability 2 3 3 4 5 13
weapon 1st Weapon 3 3 4 4 5 13
weapon 2nd Weapon 2 3 3 4 4 10
lore Performance 4 4 5 5 6 15
lore Tactics 2 3 3 4 5 13
lore 1st Lore 3 3 4 4 5 13
lore 2nd Lore 3 3 3 4 5 13
lore 3rd Lore 2 2 3 3 4 10
magic 1st Magic 3 3 4 4 5 13
magic 2nd Magic 2 2 3 4 5 13
magic 3rd Magic 2 2 3 3 4 10
magic 4th Magic 1 2 2 3 4 10
magic 5th Magic 0 0 2 3 3 8
survival 1st Survival 1 2 2 3 4 10
survival 2nd Survival 1 1 2 2 3 8
survival 3rd Survival 1 1 1 2 2 5
survival 4th Survival 1 1 1 2 2 5

Hard skill requirements ( Performance, Parry Ability) are listed in bold. These skills cannot count toward Nth skills, such as 1st Lore or 1st Weapon.

Soft skill requirements ( Tactics) can count toward your Nth skills.

Note: The following "mastery" skills never count toward Nth skill requirements, since they affect all or most of the skillset: Defending, Parry Ability, Offhand Weapon, Melee Mastery, Missile Mastery, and Elemental Magic.

Nth skill requirements are met with your top-ranked skills out of the following list of eligible skills:


Skillset Skill 10 30 70 100 150 200
armor 1st Armor 20 60 140 230 380 780
armor Total Armor 20 60 140 230 380 780
weapon Parry Ability 20 80 200 320 570 1,220
weapon 1st Weapon 30 90 250 370 620 1,270
weapon 2nd Weapon 20 80 200 320 520 1,020
weapon Total Weapon 70 250 650 1,010 1,710 3,510
lore Performance 40 120 320 470 770 1,520
lore Tactics 20 80 200 320 570 1,220
lore 1st Lore 30 90 250 370 620 1,270
lore 2nd Lore 30 90 210 330 460 1,110
lore 3rd Lore 20 60 180 270 470 970
lore Total Lore 120 360 960 1,440 2,320 4,770
magic 1st Magic 30 90 250 370 620 1,270
magic 2nd Magic 20 60 180 300 550 1,200
magic 3rd Magic 20 60 180 270 470 970
magic 4th Magic 10 50 130 210 410 910
magic 5th Magic 0 0 80 170 320 720
magic Total Magic 80 260 820 1,320 2,370 5,070
survival 1st Survival 10 50 130 220 420 920
survival 2nd Survival 10 30 110 170 320 720
survival 3rd Survival 10 30 70 130 230 480
survival 4th Survival 10 30 70 130 230 480
survival Total Survival 40 140 380 650 1,200 2,600
all Total 330 1,070 2,950 4,650 7,980 16,730
  • Soft Requirements are not counted towards cumulative totals.

Bard Books and Lore

Miscellaneous Information

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