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Necromancer thumb.jpgNecromancer Guild
Call from Beyond
Abbreviation: CFB
Prerequisites: Circle 20, Quicken the Earth
Slot Cost: 3
Mana Type: Arcane magic
Spell Type: standard / utility
Difficulty: intermediate
Prep (min/max): 15 / 100
Skill Range (min/max): 80 / 800
Valid Spell Target: Special
Duration (min/max): 60 minutes / Unknown minutes
Description: The most elemental form of creating the undead, Call from Beyond compels a thanatologically prepared corpse to rise in service to its master. A servant created through this spell exists only a short time before the animating magic fails, but the ritual to raise it can be done quickly, requiring none of the laborious preparation that mark the creation of a permanent Risen. Channeling additional power into this spell extends its duration, but care should be taken not to mar the corpse, as each scrape will reduce the length of time the body can be maintained.
Effect: Makes a zombie!
Example Messaging: 3rd person:

<Necromancer> gestures.
A deep violet light flares along intricate lines on the badger's body. Its injuries melt away as damaged tissue struggles to knit itself together before your eyes. The creature's recumbent form jerks once and then, as if awakening from slumber, its eyes snap open. Flexing with newfound strength, an arisen badger zombie levers itself upright and faces <Necromancer> expectantly.

1st person:
You feel a slight pressure behind the eyes as a swell of arcane energy builds within you. Directing the flow along ritual lines cut in the body of the badger, you connect each essential node in turn. Abruptly the power surges forth, a dam bursting as wild torrents stream into the body! You siphon off a tiny fraction of the energy and direct it into reconstructing damaged tissue, the badger's flesh knitting together before your eyes. The creature's recumbent form jerks once and then, as if awakening from slumber, its eyes snap open. Flexing with newfound strength, an arisen badger zombie levers itself upright and awaits your command.


  • This spell generates Divine Outrage.
  • Zombie strength is based on TM ranks.
  • Using this spell twice, or with Spiteful Rebirth, will result in becoming Forsaken, and a death at the hands of the Immortals. Once Forsaken, you will not suffer a death at the hand of the Immortals other than for Divine Outrage.

Help Text

Zombies may be COMMANDed to COME, for their STANCE or BEHAVIOR, or to ATTACK or use a SPECIAL maneuver. Changing the STANCE no longer affects the zombies stats, and only affects the zombies SPECIAL. Using the SPECIAL while in STANCE OFFENSIVE will make the zombie charge to melee (this will also be used during general combat), while using SPECIAL in STANCE DEFENSIVE will make the zombie taunt (this has no effect of PCs and will not be used without the Necromancer commanding the zombie to do so).

BEHAVIOR options mirror an Empaths Guardian Spirit - AGGRESSIVE will auto advance on and attack all monsters, DEFENSIVE will only attack something that engages it first, and PASSIVE will wait for the Necromancer to issue a command.

You may give your zombie equipment by holding it in your left hand and using COMMAND ZOMBIE GIVE. Additionally, you may make them DROP equipment they have.

Be warned that it is very possible to not get back whatever you give them!

Finally, you may also RELEASE it, which will eliminate the zombie. Alternatively, you may tell it to LEAVE, which will send it to a holding room until you ask it to COME (or until the spell runs out).

Command Syntax

Risen use a different syntax, COMMAND RISEN TO <COMMAND>


Zombies made with CFB have a unique recall.

"Undead, Risen, zombie -- there have been many names given to animated corpses over the course of history. One thing always seems to hold constant however: the smell. While many undead are simply mindlessly aggressive, this one appears under direct control."

Policy Notes

Please do not hide in a hunting area with a zombie out to get consent by waiting for the inattentive hunter to attack or target it accidentally. This is, at best, an incredibly grey area and at worst can be mech abuse. -GM Melete

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