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Wilderness bonus loss will be reduced by a decent amount if you've got your companion in the same room.


  • WHISTLE <YOUR CHARACTER NAME>: Summons your companion.
  • WHISTLE FOR COMPANION: Summons your companion.
  • WHISTLE FOR <RACCOON/WOLF>: Summons your companion.
Young and full-grown raccoons and wolves will find the character if possible.
  • If your companion is carrying an item they will follow the character around until the target character PETs it and the item is delivered, or until your companion gets bored and comes back.
  • If your companion is not carrying anything they will follow the character indefinitely, unless you track the companion down and SIGNAL COMPANION TO STOP, the character logs out or you log out. Keep track of the feed timer. Companions can get hungry and run away while following.
Young and full-grown companions will wait to get an item from their target before returning.
Before you've sent your wolf companion to FIND <CHARACTER>. Limited somewhat by distance, your scouting skill, survival barriers and portals.
After you've sent your wolf companion to FOLLOW <CHARACTER>, you will attempt to follow your companion's tracks.
Used in combination to find a character and wait; to give an item to another character. Babies will pick the item up but won't hold it. Young/adult companions will hold items (not weapons) up to a limited weight.
To accept the item that a companion is holding for you; if they've been sent to find you.
  • GIVE <RACCOON/WOLF> (while holding an appropriate non-weapon item in your right hand):
Gives an item to a companion to return to the Ranger.
  • SIGNAL COMPANION TO DROP <ITEM>: Your companion will drop the item they're carrying.
  • SIGNAL COMPANION TO STOP: Signals your companion to stop following someone.
  • SIGNAL COMPANION TO JUMP: Your companion will attempt to jump into your arms, or if already in your arms, will jump down.
  • SIGNAL COMPANION TO HIDE: Your companion will attempt to hide.
  • SIGNAL COMPANION TO UNHIDE: To bring your frightened and hidden companion out.
  • SIGNAL COMPANION TO HUNT: Young and full grown wolves can be sent off to hunt instead of signaling them to sleep.
  • SIGNAL COMPANION TO SLEEP: Safely send your companion away until you WHISTLE them back.




  • Feed it corn whenever it whimpers (FEED CORN TO RACCOON).
    • A (age modifier) raccoon begins to whimper.
  • They get hungry 60 minutes after their last feeding. This is RL time, being logged out still counts.
  • Pet them when they pace and get nervous.
    • A (age modifier) raccoon paces back and forth nervously.
  • To put your companion to sleep, SIGNAL RACCOON TO SLEEP. To get it back, WHISTLE MY RACCOON, or WHISTLE ME/(PLAYER NAME)

Raccoon Tricks

  • If you are foraging on the edge of your skill and can not find an item, the raccoon will find it for you.
  • You can drop an item and tell your Raccoon companion to grab it (Weight withstanding). If you then send your companion out to track a person, your Raccoon will drop off that item to the person



  • 35th Circle Ranger
  • Outdoorsmanship skill must be at least 35.
  • No debts, no warrants.
  • No current companion.
  • Charisma: 15
  • Ranger bonus is near max (to be determined)


  • As a baby feed it milk when it whimpers.
  • When it's no longer a baby, feed it meat you have CARVEd from an animal
    • A (age modifier) wolf begins to whimper.
    • Musk hogs, snowbeasts, peccs, la'tami, cougars, boars, and bears give meat. (?Are there others?)
    • Meat spoils about 20 to 30 minutes after carving. Feeding a wolf spoiled meat will make it DIE VIOLENTLY. You can use Beseech the Wind to Preserve to extend the life of meat by 60 minutes.
  • When using the new red pouches that make meat FEED MEAT TO WOLF
  • ~70 hours for a baby to become a young wolf, additional ~100 hours to reach full-grown wolf (could vary based on other factors or have some swing involved but this is what Strithas recorded with his wolf companion).

Wolf Tricks

  • You can call for your wolf using WHISTLE FOR COMPANION
  • You can track your wolf if you have enough scouting and animal lore.
  • You can send your non-baby wolf to find track people, then scout to the wolf.
  • You have to TRACK the wolf before sending it off then TRACK when it has found the person
  • Wolves can carry items, but not weapons or coins.
    • A baby wolf can not carry anything.
    • A young wolf can carry ?? stones of weight
    • A full-grown wolf can carry 70 stones of weight

Do's and Don'ts

Things to Do to Keep Your Companion:

  2. Pet companion when they pace, feed it when it whimpers.
  3. If raccoon hides during hunting SIGNAL RACCOON TO UNHIDE and keep a hand free to pet it. Wolves don't get as scared as often.
  4. PICK UP your companion (as a baby) when entering or leaving boats, barges, gondolas. (I have several raccoons and a few wolves leave me on the barges between Haven and Langen).
  5. Follow the DO NOT list to the letter
  6. Be aware that barbs can roar your baby/young companions out of the room.
  7. If you think you might die, consider sending your companion to sleep or young and older wolves to hunt.
  8. Babies you can put to sleep; young/older wolves do not sleep, instead SIGNAL WOLF TO HUNT. (they won't get anything but they won't leave either).


  1. RUN TRAILS without SIGNAL COMPANION TO SLEEP, ever. No matter how short the trail is...you seriously risk losing them.
  2. Take the BACK way into the guild with your companion out, they WILL leave.
  4. GO INTO the CLERIC, EMPATH guild with your companion, they will not go in and if you don't pet them, etc. when they need it they will leave. BE ESPECIALLY CAREFUL IF YOU HAVE YOUR COMPANION OUT DURING INVASIONS AND BEGIN HELPING FOLKS DEAD OR OTHERWISE. Several of my wolves got impatient for me waiting for me outside those guilds.
  5. BURGLE via the Breaking and Entering system with your companion in tow.
  6. Swim for long periods of time with your companion out (it gets bored tracking you back and forth and back forth ad nauseum and leaves. (I have found climbing not to be a problem though).
  7. Take the companion into places like genies where are several rooms with odd exits. (I lost a wolf this way though others say they hunted there without problem--you decide).
  8. Signal your companion to take things to someone who is in the empath or cleric guilds...they won't come back.
  9. SIGNAL (baby) WOLF TO JUMP while hunting if it has changed into a young wolf---then they knock you down and you could die (I did in gargs and got a stomped head when I failed to check if my baby wolf had changed and signaled it to jump)
  10. Die near Hib with your companion out--by the time you figure out how to get of where you end up, the companion might leave. (I don't know if this is a game puzzle or not so won't divulge anything here).
  11. Other area's that people have lost companions DO NOT TAKE THEM HERE: THEREN BANK - SHARD BANK

Other things to keep in mind:

  • Active Ranger companions in the area with you will slow the decay of your Wilderness bonus.
  • I have found that it helps to wait for the newly received companion to come into the room with you each time you move. After awhile I can speed up and go a few rooms ahead. But for the first few times I have my companion out, I watch carefully to see that it follows me. Sometimes they literally get distracted and stop following you and you have to go back and get it.
  • Wolves are easier to raise since they don't hide from critters.
  • Raccoons can help you with foraging
  • Both can deliver things to others after they are young.
  • They DO grow though it takes a long time.
  • You forage corn for raccoons, get milk from Arthe Dale, at the milk shack (or free from a lot of cleric guilds) and CARVE critter for wolf food.

Wolves eat cougars, hogs, boars, peccs, snowbeasts and I'm sure I left out something.

  • There currently isn't any carveable critter in P5 (Hib) except frost bears, which have a damaging roar. (We have been told there are 2 other carveable critters but no one seems to be skilled enough to hunt there and carve them (I'm thinking apes are carveable but...heh).

Confirmed 06/22 black apes and damaska boars are carve-able.



  • action setvar status.wolf 1 when wolf pace
  • action setvar status.wolf 1 when wolf stands up then paces back and forth nervously
  • action setvar status.wolf 0 when It seems to calm down
  • action setvar status.food 1 when whimper
  • action setvar status.milk 1 when A baby wolf begins to whimper
  • action setvar status.milk 1 when A baby wolf whimpers loudly
  • action setvar status.meat 1 when A young wolf begins to whimper
  • action setvar status.meat 1 when A young wolf whimpers loudly
  • action setvar status.meat 1 when A full-grown wolf begins to whimper
  • action setvar status.meat 1 when A full-grown wolf whimpers loudly


See Ranger Companion Quest.

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