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Skillsets are thematic and functional groups of skills in DragonRealms.

The five skillsets are Armor, Weapons, Magic, Survival, and Lore.

Guilds are in many ways profoundly defined by the different emphasis that they place on each skillset. Ranked in order of importance, each guild has one Primary skillset, two Secondary skillsets, and two Tertiary skillsets.

Skillset Placement

The main consequence of skillset placement is to determine how quickly you can learn skills. Skills within your guild's primary skill set are learned the fastest, while skills within the tertiary skillset are learned the slowest.

Skillset placement can also give you access to certain "perks." (See below.) Lastly, skillset placement is factored into each guild's circle requirements.

Guild Armor Lore Magic Survival Weapon
Barbarian Secondary Tertiary Tertiary Secondary Primary
Bard Tertiary Primary Secondary Tertiary Secondary
Cleric Tertiary Secondary Primary Tertiary Secondary
Commoner Secondary Secondary Secondary Secondary Secondary
Empath Tertiary Primary Secondary Secondary Tertiary
Moon Mage Tertiary Secondary Primary Secondary Tertiary
Necromancer Tertiary Secondary Secondary Primary Tertiary
Paladin Primary Secondary Tertiary Tertiary Secondary
Ranger Secondary Tertiary Tertiary Primary Secondary
Thief Tertiary Secondary Tertiary Primary Secondary
Trader Secondary Primary Tertiary Secondary Tertiary
Warrior Mage Tertiary Secondary Primary Tertiary Secondary

Skillset Placement Perks

  • Armor-primary (Paladins)*: lowest possible "minimum hindrance" for armor, ability to reduce or eliminate "mixed armor" penalty, ability to block with large arm-worn shields, highest possible arm-worn shield cap, no penalty for loading/aiming bows while wearing a medium shield
  • Armor-secondary (Barbarians, Rangers, and Traders): reduced "minimum hindrance" for armor, ability to block with medium arm-worn shields, no penalty for loading/aiming bows while wearing a small shield

  • Weapon-primary (Barbarians)*: ability to dual wield heavy/large weapons
  • Weapon-secondary (Bards, Clerics, Paladins, Rangers, Thieves, and Warrior Mages): ability to dual wield medium weapons

  • Magic-primary (Clerics, Moon Mages, and Warrior Mages): the most spell slots, largest attunement pool, access to guild-specific Sorcery spells, access to powerful mana-raising spells.
  • Magic-secondary (Bards, Empaths, and Necromancers): more spell slots, larger attunement pool

  • Survival-primary (Thieves, Rangers, Necromancers): Access to snipe, increased foraging options, increased HUNT range, 2-second hiding, access to non-coin slips. (Thieves/Rangers also get access to Stealth hindrance reduction.)
  • Survival-secondary (Barbarians, Empaths, Moon Mages, Traders): Access to additional foraging options, increased HUNT range.

  • Lore-primary (Bards, Empaths, and Traders): can have two crafting careers and one hobby, giving them the most free crafting techniques and skill bonuses. They are also the least penalized when teaching during combat.
  • Lore-secondary (Clerics, Moon Mages, Necromancers, Paladins, Thieves, and Warrior Mages): can have one crafting career and two hobbies, giving them more free crafting techniques and skill bonuses. They are also less penalized when teaching during combat.

*Because only one guild has this skillset placement, the distinction between guild perks and primary skillset perks is somewhat arbitrary.