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Mm thumb.jpgMoon Mage Guild
Abbreviation: FORTUNE
Requirements: 35th Circle?, Cantrip knowledge
Difficulty: None
Type / Skill: cantrip / -
Path: Fortune's Path
Description: Summon an illusory set of Tokka cards that randomly bonus one of twelve skills.
Effect: Gives a small 5 minute bonus to 1 of 12 skills.
Messaging: A glowing series of raesh-style Tokka cards appear and arrange themselves in an esoteric pattern.

You distinctly notice the <card> card before the illusion fades, and feel luckier for it.


  • The card is chosen randomly from one of the following twelve:
  1. Joyous Mage: Primary Magic
  2. Moneylender: Appraisal
  3. Jester of the Court: Musical Theory (Presplit)
  4. Wounded Veteran: First Aid
  5. Artificer: Mechanical Lore
  6. Endless Ocean: Swimming
  7. Stellar Stairway: Climbing
  8. River of Aether: Targeted Magic
  9. The Nimble Dancer: Evasion
  10. Sulking Hunter: Skinning
  11. Thief of Hearts: Disarm Traps
  12. Runebinder: Astrology