Plague of Scavengers

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Ranger thumb.jpgRanger Guild
Plague of Scavengers
Abbreviation: PLS
Prerequisites: Awaken Forest, Swarm
Slot Cost: 2
Mana Type: Life magic
Spell Type: metamagic / augmentation
Description: The Plague of Scavengers spell summons a horde of ravenous insects to make a nest of an Awaken Forest manifestation. Changed in this manner, the entity helps the Ranger in ridding nature of the putrid abominations that pollute the world. It will fight with devastating effect against fleshy and skeletal undead, eating them from the inside, but will attack nothing else.
Effect: +Offensive Factor, -Defensive Factor, parry/shield ignore, Vitality leech, Special attack, Dispel spell
Example Messaging: A flicker of earthy greens and blues floods around a forest spawn in a radial pattern. At first only a handful of tree-squirrel botflies flutter into the area, but these few are quickly joined by teeming masses of their brethren. The tree-squirrel botflies swarm over the forest spawn, turning it into a writhing nest!


  • Supplemental spell to Awaken Forest. When cast with AF active, PLS will turn the pet into a strong undead killer with several new abilities
  • Higher offense and parry/shield ignore
  • Vitality leech
  • Special attack and Dispel spell
  • Will go into infinite retreat loop v. living, cursed, and non-corporeal undead.

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