Khri Plunder

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Thief thumb.jpgThief Guild
Requirements: Hasten
Slot Cost: 2
Difficulty: Tier 2
Type / Skill: khri / augmentation
Use Cost: 12 Concentration on startup + 3 Concentration per pulse
Path: Finesse
Description: Kalag the Sly clicks his claws against his desk and says, "Thievery isn't always subtle, but it's ever about style. Once you get into the groove, your hands will start to twitch with anticipation about that mark you're going to fleece. Focusing your mind properly will allow you to enter that groove whenever you wish, and give you the resolve to know the best moment to act on your instincts."
Effect: +Thievery skill, +Discipline (stat)
Messaging: Your hand twitches slightly in anticipation as you focus your mind towards relieving others of their hard earned possessions.