Beseech Elanthia to Seal

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Ranger thumb.jpgRanger Guild
Beseech Elanthia to Seal
Requirements: 50th Circle, Quest
Difficulty: Unknown
Type / Skill: beseech / -
Use Cost: 50 Spirit Alignment
Description: Beseech Elanthia to Seal allows the Ranger to prolong the time before a grave starts decaying and spitting its items out.
Effect: , , extend grave duration
Messaging: >beseech elanthia to seal <grave>

You kneel down and place your hand on <player's> grave. Slowly you begin to chant, calling on the earth to aid you!
Roundtime: 36 sec.

You feel your spirit weaken.
"Mother Elanthia, hear my call!"
"Rocks and vines, to wrap it all!"
"Upon this grave, put thy embrace!"
"Lock it down to stay in place!"

BESEECH Elanthia to Seal <DEADPERSONNAME> while in the same room as their grave.

Upon the release of Ranger Bonus 2.0, this beseech does not function as intended.

Beseech Elanthia to Seal quest