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Ventriloquism is the art of throwing one's voice onto nearby objects, people or critters. Bards and Thieves are both capable of learning techniques for throwing their voice. While Bards of sufficient skill can learn from Malik in Shard, Thieves must be trained by a Bard. There are some differences between the voice throws available to members of each guild.

Bard Voice Throws

1. Any items that the Bard is wearing or holding.

  • THROW VOICE <item> <message>

2. Items in something you are wearing or holding.

  • THROW VOICE <item> in <item> <message>.

3. Any items someone else is wearing or holding.

  • THROW VOICE <item> on <person> <message>.

4. At NPC's.

  • THROW VOICE <NPC> <message>.

5. At players.

  • THROW VOICE <player> <message>.
NOTE: Abuse of this ability can lead to GM intervention in Prime or Plat!

The highest level of bardic voice throw requires approximately 40 Charisma and 300 ranks of performance.

Update: In 3.0 this is now 42 charisma, 40 discipline, 310 performance.
  • used to be vocals, now determined by performance skill


  • Learned ability # 1 at 180 performance, 30 charisma.

note: I was able to do this with 179 ranks in performance, but not at 175. it seems the requirement is somewhere in between.

  • Learned ability # 2 at 210 performance, 34 charisma.
  • Learned ability # 3 at 245 performance, 36 charisma, 34 discipline
  • Learned ability # 4 at 280 performance, 37 charisma, 36 discipline
  • Learned ability # 5 at 315 performance, 42 charisma, 40 discipline

note: I was able to learn this with 296 ranks performance, 41 charisma and 39 discipline (2017)

Drinks to have on hand:

Thief Voice Throws

1. Throw your voice in different directions.

  • THROW VOICE OUT <message>.

2. Objects lying around.

  • THROW VOICE <item> <message>.

3. Items in/on/behind/under item on the ground.

  • THROW VOICE <item> in/on/behind/under <item> <message>.

4. Items on critters.

  • THROW VOICE <item> on <critter> <message>.

5. At critters.

  • THROW VOICE <critter> <message>.


  • Learned ability # 1 at circle 46
  • Learned ability # 2 at circle 50
  • Learned ability # 3 at circle 54
  • Learned ability # 4 at circle 58
  • Learned ability # 5 at circle 62


A Bard may teach any of these techniques to a Thief of sufficient circle. The Bard must have at least 30 Charisma in order to teach any of these techniques.

To initiate a class:

  • Thief types: THROW VOICE LEARN <BARD>
  • Bard then types: THROW VOICE TEACH <THIEF>



It takes ~15 minutes to teach each technique and you teach them in sequential order. After the lesson is finished, the Bard must rest for ~15 minutes to absorb the lesson. This will teach a small amount of Teaching and Scholarship. Skill does not appear to affect class length. You cannot teach a class while teaching the throw voice lesson, or you must start again from the beginning.

  • Bard able to Teach Thief first ability at 225 performance skill.
  • Thief ability to learn is strictly based on circle, not skills or stats.

Common Issues
  • Issue: Bard is not paying attention to you.
Fix: Bard needs to turn AVOID TEACH off.

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