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Barb thumb.jpgBarbarian Guild
War Stomp
Requirements: 100th circle
Slot Cost: 0
Difficulty: None
Type / Skill: mastery / -
Use Cost: Fatigue
Path: None
Description: Drathrok narrows his eyes and stares at you for a long moment, before nodding once in approval. "You are ready for my teaching, now," he says. "I shall teach you how to harness your fighting Expertise into a powerful leap, wielding your entire body in a swift and heavy strike against the farthest targets. Such a strike is capable of causing your opponent serious trouble, but I warn you now that it is not a technique which can be employed too often." He crosses his arms and is silent for a moment before continuing. After some time of explanation and demonstration, your understanding of his teaching is complete, and you know that you too can stomp your foes with the force of your warrior spirit.
Effect: +No buffs, -No debuffs, Impact damage, Fire damage
Messaging: With a heaving flex of masterfully controlled muscles, you leap out toward <target>, sailing over its head and behind it as you slam down with your feet.

Moving with the precision of a mongoose, you stomp an armored right foot at <target>. <Target> attempts to dodge, receiving a glancing blow.
The foot lands an extremely heavy hit that incinerates the right temple with a vicious swipe from the side.
[You're winded, solidly balanced with no advantage.]

Moving as a single sinuous force, you stomp an armored left foot at <target>. <Target> badly fails to parry with its shadowy claws.
The foot lands a heavy strike to the moth's left hand.
[You're winded, solidly balanced with no advantage.]
Roundtime: 3 sec.


  • Only Drathrok teaches it, not other Pit Masters.
  • Instant leap to melee.
  • Does equal parts fire damage and impact damage. Leg armor and foot-worn brawling gear do not enhance the attack, but appropriate foot-worn gear will allow it to damage mechanical mice. Having Bless cast on you will enable War Stomp to hit noncorporeal undead like brawling maneuvers.
  • Damage is calculated based purely on the attacker's Expertise skill.
  • Cooldown is variable based on Expertise skill. At 1300 Expertise, cooldown is ~3 minutes. At capped 1750 Expertise, cooldown is about 2 minutes 30 seconds.
  • Prevents RETREAT for about 10 seconds. Per GM Javac, this is not an SvS contest and there is no change in duration.
  • Titan mastery gives any kill while War Stomp is on cooldown a chance to reset the cooldown. This includes all kills, not just kills from War Stomp.

Racial Jump Messages

Race Message
Human You leap forward, kicking in a somersault that carries you high into the air. With a lionhearted war cry that rings out over the area, you descend on <target>!
Dwarf As you feel your inner fire kindling your marrow, you force your muscles into a high leap. Barreling through the air like an angry catapult boulder, you all but crash onto <target>!
Elf You begin sprinting forward, feeling as the wind, too fleet to be bound to earth. You whip through the air, vaulting over a <target> and hurtling behind her with a double kick!
Elothean You spring lightly into the air. For one frozen moment you are suspended in perfect counterpoise, and you absorb the position of your foe. You let yourself fall unerringly toward a <target>.
Gnome Like a dust devil sent by Gizzbolf, you hop spinning wildly into the air! Your impeccable trajectory brings you to a <target> in a few heartbeats.
Gor'Tog Bringing your prodigious Togpower to bear on an <critter>, you launch yourself into the air. You crest the arc of your leap and plummet like a majestic, <skin color> meteor!
Halfling Swift and agile, you handspring into an easy, half-twist backflip that sends you hurtling feet-first toward a <target>!
Kaldar With a heaving flex of masterfully controlled muscles, you leap out toward a <target>, sailing over its head and behind it as you slam down with your feet.
Prydaen You crouch for but a heartbeat, and then leap with the acrobatic ease of a caracal slapping down a bird in flight. From midair you pounce on a <target>!
Rakash Like an indefatigable avatar of Coshivi, you lope across the distance between you and a <target>. Then you leap with unbridled ferocity at a <target>!
S'Kra Mur You set yourself, poised for the opportunity that will see you vanquish your adversary. You dart forward and launch into a sinuous leap toward <target>, your straight tail serving as a rudder!

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