Khri Prowess

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Thief thumb.jpgThief Guild
Requirements: Focus, Circle 14
Slot Cost: 2
Difficulty: Tier 3
Type / Skill: khri / debilitation, area of effect
Use Cost: 16 Concentration on startup + 4 Concentration per pulse
Contest: Charm/Fear vs. willpower
Path: Potency
Description: Kalag the Sly nods and says, "Concentrating on your prowess will allow you to be more of a force to be reckoned with in battle. This is one of the few khri that can be noticed by others, causing anyone that wishes to engage you to be apprehensive of your power. Once you have learned the secrets of throwing your voice, you can even make use of this khri while undetected."
Effect: -Tactics skill, -Reflex (stat), -Offensive Factor, Tactics is PvP only, OF is PvE only
Messaging: Startup: Remembering the mantra of mind over matter, you let your dedicated focus seep into your muscles. The sensation of believing that your enemies will tremble at the mere thought of you translates from your every movement.

Failure: It doesn't seem like [target] is very intimidated by you.

Success: You feel like your powerful presence has gotten the better of [target].

Success (hidden): You feel like your whispering has [target] unnerved.

Stop: You feel your muscles relax as you settle into a less threatening demeanor.


  • SvS Contest is a Fear vs Willpower if done from stealth, and Charm vs Willpower if done in the open.
  • Requires around 70 ranks of Debilitation and 80 ranks of Inner Magic to start without kneeling or sitting.

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