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These are the general rules for users of Elanthipedia.


User names that incorporate obscenity or vulgarity will be removed.

In addition, names that conform to known spambot patterns will be preemptively blocked. However, a confirming IM or email to any of the staff will undo that.

Account names that include GM names or hint at GM status are prohibited.


According to Wikipedia there are three types of wikispam: "advertisements masquerading as articles, wide-scale external link spamming, and 'canvassing' (also known as 'internal spamming' and 'cross-posting')." While it is hoped that this type of behavior will not occur here at Elanthipedia, it is possible that we may see some cases of it.

Moderate external linking is acceptable. Examples can be a one time link to a personal page on a user page, or request to add a link to our list at the External Links page by posting on the discussion page.

Advertising by commercial sites will not be tolerated. The offending articles/content will be removed and the user will be banned.

Excessive linking and cross-posting will result in a rollback removing the offending edits and a warning on the user's talk page. If the incident occurs again, the user will be banned from editing privileges.

Note: Links as references in articles is not against our policy.


Try to include all of your additions/edits at once, instead of saving every so often as you're in the process of managing a page.

Personal Pages

User and PC pages are considered to be personal pages are should not be edited by other people, except with permission, or to properly categorize the pages, or for such things as minor spelling fixes.

Content Covered by NDA

Content that is found to be in violation of a Simutronics non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is prohibited and will be removed, regardless of how the user came into possession of said content. Users who repeatedly post information on Elanthipedia covered by NDA risk losing editing privileges.

Negative Information on Players and PCs

Negative information on players is completely prohibited, regardless of the reason.

Negative information on PCs, is generally unacceptable except as it relates to ongoing events. For example, noting that "xxxx shot at the defenders during a raid by Sidhlot" is perfectly acceptable, while "xxxx kills newbies for fun" is not. While the latter may be true, it is irrelevant to the game as a whole and likely to begin conflict.

Secrets and Spoiler Policy

This policy was last updated on October 19, 2021.

Historicially, Elanthipedia has two distinct policies when it comes to secrets and spoilers. There was one set of rules for necromancers, and another policy governing everything else. The previous necromancer-specific spoiler policy was in place at the request of DragonRealms staff, who wished to keep necromancer secrets secret. As they have gone out of their way in the past to assist us in our work, the Moderators agreed to limit information.

The previous policies are no more. Staff has given approval to post Necromancer information, including guild leader books, to Elanthipedia provided it is placed under the appropriate spoiler/secret warnings/flags.

Necromancer and Thief secrets can be posted on Elanthipedia.

In support of maximum Elanthipedification, here are the new guidelines:

Use Common Sense

Basically, the common sense rule is: "If you have to have (a) joined a guild to learn it, (b) been through a specific process to know it, or (c) it would ruin a secret, it needs to be tagged as a spoiler.

What is a Secret?

For all of Elanthipedia, the following types of information should be considered secret and flagged as spoilers:

  • Walkthroughs of quests or puzzles.
  • Information that you could only learn by being a part of a specific guild.
  • Content of guild-restricted libraries.
  • Locations of hidden guildhalls and guildleaders.
  • The guild affiliation of lesser-known NPCs.

Is it common knowledge?
If not, the information needs to be tagged as a spoiler.

PC Necromancers

Outting any PC as a Necromancer is explicitly forbidden. This, however, does not apply to posting logs or commentary of actions that might imply such. The sole exemption to this is if the owner of such PC does it themselves.

Be aware, you the poster have the burden of proof in this matter.

As a reminder, all character pages are considered personal spaces -- you get to edit your personal PC pages, not other people's.

Use of Distinct Spoiler Pages

Whenever possible, "secret" information should be segregated from common knowledge. Talking about a guild thing, like a quest, in high-level terms on the main article is fine. Once you get into secrets (e.g. walkthoughs or restricted information) that information should be on a dedicated subpage or clearly marked as spoiler content.

Mechanical secrets, likewise, should most certainly be flagged accordingly.

Use of Elanthipedia Templates

There are a series of Templates that should be used to flag and organize articles. Articles that reveal secrets will appear in this category.

Templates, like {{spoilers}}, should be used whenever a page contains secret information. Please reach out to the Elanthipedia Moderators if you need assistance tagging things appropriately.