Swan Form

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Barb thumb.jpgBarbarian Guild
Swan Form
Requirements: 4
Slot Cost: 2
Difficulty: basic
Type / Skill: form / warding
Path: Flame
Description: With graceful maneuvering the Barbarian practicing this form can defile the very integrity of weak incoming magic spells.
Effect: Weak integrity anti-magic barrier.
Messaging: Start: With the nimble grace of a swan, you maneuver against the very integrity of mana.

Success: You feel a splash of heat as a spell dissipates against your nimble barrier of inner fire.
Fail: You feel disheartened as a spell penetrates your number [sic] barrier of inner fire!

End: You feel your inner fire cool as you finish practicing the Form of the Swan.

Being a integrity barrier, this spell will attempt to reduce the integrity of a spell, either completely dispelling or having no effect.

However, it goes on a cooldown immediately after triggering, will only block again 15 seconds later after "You sense your ability to thwart incoming magics slowly return to your nimble grasp." is seen.

Stacked with Serenity it will stop any spell.