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Necromancer thumb.jpgNecromancer Guild

Ghoulflesh Justice triggering spell Causes outrage or corruption
Abbreviation: -
Prerequisites: Call from Beyond
Signature: Yes
Spell Slots: 2
Ward Slots: This spell uses 1 ward slot when cast by Necromancers.
Mana Type: Arcane Magic
Spell Type: standard / warding
Difficulty: intermediate
Prep (min/max): 15 / 100
Skill Range (min/max): 80 / 800
Valid Spell Target: Self
Duration (min/max): 10 minutes / 40 minutes
Justice: This spell is illegal to cast in Justice Zones.
Corruption: This spell causes Divine Outrage or some other form of Sorcerous Corruption.
Description: Among the horror stories of the transference link are tales of Necromancers capable of creating a true "reverse" link, supernaturally implanting their wounds upon a hapless victim. This is an echo of such power. By amplifying the link between a Necromancer and a zombie, the Necromancer can perform a limited transference of wounds onto their... if not willing, then at least compliant servant.

Due to the need to fine-tune the pattern to a specific kind of thanatological link, this spell only functions on undead minions such as zombies empowered by the Call From Beyond spell or the ritually prepared Risen, and the servant must be within the vicinity of the Necromancer to function.

Effect: Splits wounds between necromancer and their CFB zombie or Risen.
Example Messaging: You deftly manipulate the thanatological link between you and an arisen <adjective> zombie. Amplified many times over and inverted in ways unseen in nature, you are now capable of pushing wounds "down" the link.

Focusing on the link to your <adjective> zombie, you shunt a portion of the injuries you've taken down the conduit. A mixture of pressure and relief spreads across your <body part>, while a wound very similar to your own quickly appears on your <adjective> zombie.

Devices/Tattoos: No devices or tattoos documented.


  • Will split your incoming wounds with either a Call from Beyond zombie or a Risen. It only transfers to one, and the zombie gets priority. If the zombie dies or goes away Ghoulflesh will switch over and start transferring damage to a Risen unless/until you get another zombie to re-take priority. One or the other will take half your wounds. (Risen don't take less damage because they're squishy.)
  • The pet must be in the room with you in order for the spell to function.
  • Constructs generated from Quicken the Earth do not work for this spell, because they're constructs.
  • If you take a small amount of damage it rounds up to transfer. (e.g. If you take 1 damage, it transfers 100% to the zombie.)

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