Beseech the Wind to Preserve

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Ranger thumb.jpgRanger Guild
Beseech the Wind to Preserve
Requirements: 30th Circle, Quest
Difficulty: Unknown
Type / Skill: beseech / -
Use Cost: 23 Spirit Alignment (min)
Description: Beseech the Wind to Preserve calls upon the frigid winds of Nature to preserve items, specifically meat for companions and perishable flowers.
Effect: , , preserve meat and flowers
Messaging: > align 23

You lower your head, close your eyes and begin breathing slowly as you channel a very small amount of your existing spirit health into reserve to be used as needed by nature itself.
> get meat
You get some raw musk hog meat from inside your traveler's pack.
> beseech wind to preserve
You begin to chant as you attempt to connect with the power of Elanthia.

Mother Elanthia! Hear my plea!
Bring the wind to work with me.
Hold in place the wares of time.
Extend life with a crystal shine!
Roundtime: 3 sec.
You feel your spirit weaken.
A cool breeze begins to blow.
Icy beads of freezing rain begin pelting your face.
The icy wind stings like spikes piercing your flesh as it flows over your hand.
A glistening veil of frost covers the musk hog meat you are holding.
The frost covering the musk hog meat smoothes into a thin layer of encapsulating ice.

Used to keep meat fresh for Wolf Companions and to preserve flowers.


See Beseech the Wind to Preserve Quest.

Picked Flowers & Smells

Once a flower as been preserved, it will also remove the current SMELL the item has and will present a new scent. With regard to picked flowers, this beseech has the same SMELL results as a Preservative potion.