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Empathy is the special skill of the Empath guild. No other guild may learn or use the Empathy skill.

Spells and abilities that boost Empathy

Spells and abilities that decrease Empathy


This skill was originally called Transference. When first released, it was a decaying skill, which meant ranks were actually lost the longer an Empath went without healing other people. This aspect of the skill was met with much protest, and was removed shortly after. The skill was renamed to reflect the fact that Empaths can do more than heal.

Training methods

  • Healing Patients -- Taking wounds, poisons, diseases, and vitality from other characters is now the best way to learn Empathy. However, you will not gain any experience in Empathy by healing a fellow Empath.
  • Perceiving Health -- Although this method generates less experience than healing, it's not dependent on other PCs. You will not gain any experience unless you successfully perceive a living being. There is a timer for using this command and an experience timer for perceiving the same beings. If there are too many people in the room (depending on your skill), you will be stunned. (These stuns result in internal head wounds and nerve wounds.)
  • STUDYing Anatomy Charts: first study only
  • Removing a Parasite - You can learn Empathy pretty well from tending off any of the blood creatures (worms in the croc maze, sand leeches in the Muspar'i pit, etc.). As an Empath, you will also learn a fair amount of First Aid and a small amount of Animal Lore from this. In exchange for not learning Empathy, everyone else learns Skinning.
  • Manipulating Creatures - You can learn a decent amount of Empathy from manipulating a creature, provided that there is some challenge. (The amount of experience is somewhere between health-walking and healing.)
  • Shifting - You can learn a small to fair amount of Empathy from a successful SHIFT on another character depending on the difficulty of the modification. As of June 2010, the shifter will get an Empathy experience pulse after the shift is completed and throughout the downtime from the cooldown.
  • Teaching or Listening to Empathy -- Empaths can teach other Empaths empathy. However, to teach or to listen to an Empathy class, you have to have at least 2/3rds of your Empathy intact.
  • Linking - Not ideal for training, but you do pulse a small amount of Empathy while you have a LINK open.

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