Glyph of Bonding

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Paladin thumb.jpgPaladin Guild
Requirements: 10th circle
Difficulty: None
Type / Skill: glyph / -
Description: Like the Glyph of Warding, this glyph can assist dead adventurers. When the Glyph of Bonding is traced over an adventurer's dropped item, the item will automatically return to its owners hands. There are a few restrictions, however. Both the person and his item must be in the same room, and the item must be on the ground. The longer the person has been dead, or the more people who have handled the item, the more difficult it is to trace the Glyph of Bonding.
Effect: return an item to a dead person's hand
Messaging: You trace the glyph of bonding around a <item>, and it's surrounded by a light silvery glow.
You watch as a <item> slowly slides toward <player>'s body and places itself firmly in his <hand item was in> hand.


  • Syntax: GLYPH BOND <ITEM>
  • Quest granted by any guildleader.
  • Success rate is dependent on circle and Charisma as well as how long the person has been dead and how many people have handled the item.

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