Philosopher's Preservation

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Necromancer thumb.jpgNecromancer Guild
Philosopher's Preservation
Abbreviation: PHP
Prerequisites: Butcher's Eye or Kura-Silma
Slot Cost: 3
Mana Type: Arcane Magic
Spell Type: standard / augmentation
Difficulty: basic
Prep (min/max): 5 / 100
Skill Range (min/max): 10 / 600
Valid Spell Target: Self
Duration (min/max): 10 minutes / 40 minutes
Description: Philosopher's Preservation overlays the Necromancer's nervous system with one designed after a far greater being. This temporary mutation considerably increases his reaction time, granting the magician quick reflexes and almost supernatural grace when evading attacks. Being a particularly deep-carved mutation, however, its reversal may prove unpleasant.
Effect: +Evasion skill, +Reflex (stat)
Example Messaging: 1st person:

You clench your hands into fists and grit your teeth, trying to channel mutation through your body!
Swirls of reddish-black energy erupt forth from all over your body, settling into your nervous system. There is the briefest flash of intense pain before the spell improves your mortal reflexes into something beyond that of a normal <race>.

3rd person:
<Necromancer> clenches <his/her> hands into fists and grits <his/her> teeth.
Swirls of reddish-black energy erupt forth from <Necromancer>'s body, eventually settling into a monstrous pattern shining through <his/her> <skin/scales>.


  • Appears on LOOK.
  • Causes ~10% hit to vitality and fatigue when it wears off.