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Discipline is a character's ability to use their mind to control their body.



Guild Specific:

Other Uses

Spells and Abilities that Boost Discipline

Spells and Abilities that Decrease Discipline

Training Locations


Discipline training.jpg
a windowless mud hovel
(can use DIR discipline)

[A Mud Hovel]
The tiny windowless hovel feels cramped despite its minimal furnishings. A coarsely woven blanket is folded neatly in the corner. One lone shelf on the wall holds the occupant's only food supplies -- a sack of rice, a pitcher of water and a few wilted mustard stalks are arranged next to a single wooden bowl and spoon. A wizened old Dwarf sits cross-legged in the center of the room.

The Dwarf has a shrivelled, starved look to him; his face gaunt, hollowed and ageless, only a few stringy strands of hair left on his head. Slowly he turns to gaze at you, and his eyes glow with a luminous tranquility. A skeletal finger raises to point at you, and he rasps, "Discipline! With a mastery of discipline, anything is possible!"
You sit in front of the aged Dwarf and wait. For a long time you wait, with no indication that you are even noticed. After an endless period of time he grunts, "You begin to learn. You are not totally useless. Go and practice, return when you are ready to progress further."

The Crossing, Map 1


Temple, Shadowy Chamber
(can use DIR discipline)

[Temple, Shadowy Chamber]
A lone candle glows faintly atop a corroded slab of black stone, caked with a filthy mixture of dirt, old leaves, and wax. Its light is eerily muted, and fades into a wall of shadows which seem to press inwards with each tiny flicker of the flame. A thick moist stench assaults you, flowing in warm sickening waves from somewhere out in the blackness. Tangled roots hanging from the ceiling reach out and grab you as you make your way through the near-dark cavern, as if moved by some malicious will.

The Cleric steps behind you and gently holding your shoulders, turns you to face the candle. She whispers softly in your ear, "Concentrate and control your mind.".
As you concentrate on the flame you find it fading in and out of focus until it is not there at all, replaced by a black void. Creatures of the most hideous sorts strike at you from the blackness until fleeing starts to consume your thoughts. From somewhere within, you find the strength to maintain your senses and continually remind yourself this is your mind, your images, and that you and only you can control them. Finally you hear the cleric's soft voice calling you back to a conscious awakening. Once she is sure you are awake and in control, she pats you on the shoulder and quietly goes about her business without a word.

Riverhaven, Map 30


Kertigen's Temple , Meditation Chamber

s, go north entrance, s, s, go south entrance, d

[Kertigen's Temple, Meditation Chamber]
The pinpoint brilliance of a candle flame is the only light within the chamber. Rustling movements and whispered chants are the only sounds to fill the blackness. A flight of wooden steps leads to the main section of temple above.

Ratha 3rd Tier, Map 91

Aesry Surlaenis'a

Aesry Surlaenis'a, Willow Park

Note: This Discipline instructor is only present during daytime. If you arrive at nighttime then the day dawns you must leave the path and return in order to train.

[Aesry Surlaenis'a, Willow Park (Daytime)]
The air is filled with the sound of children's laughter as they race along the shore of the pond, diving off the dock or flying down a slick rock slide to land with a splash in the dark waters. Nearby, local residents of all ages strive to perform a graceful series of stylized combat movements under the guidance of an elderly Elothean man.

Seeing your desire to learn more of the traditional combat forms of the House of the Steel Dove, the elderly Elothean man nods to you, and motions you to take your place with the others.

Your limbs tremble with effort, but obey your will as you follow the forms of the exercise. At the end, you stand, dripping with sweat, as the instructor nods at you. "You grow better, youngling. With time, and practice, your mind and body will move as one. For now, you still must work on the third movement of the forms."

[Aesry Surlaenis'a, Willow Park (Nighttime)]
The sound of crickets and frogs engaging in their nightly chorus echoes across the still waters of the pond. A narrow white gravel path is bathed by the moonlight, like a pearl necklace surrounding the velvety dark waters. The children who enliven the park by day have long since found their beds, leaving the night to young lovers who sit on wrought iron benches, exchanging kisses as they talk.

Aesry, Map 99


Paladins' Guild, Justiciar's Study

climb stair, up, up, up, ne

[Paladins' Guild, Justiciar's Study]
The office of the Justiciar is plain, balancing on the knife edge between spartan and severe. Nothing but a clean whitewash adorns the walls, except for the east one which has a single red dot painted on it, oddly enough. A simple desk of uncarved wood is pushed up against the back, the papers on its surface in neat, regimented order.

The Justiciar gazes steadily at you, then sets you down in front of a blank wall with a single red dot in the center of it. "Focus on that," he says, his voice calm and even. "Just stare at it...keep staring...don't...move...your eyes."

Time passes....

...and then you look up to realize a >lot< of time has passed. You feel more focused and aware. More capable of keeping your mind on problems at hand.

Shard, Map 67


Justice Office, Chief Constable's Office

[Justice Office, Chief Constable's Office]
A large, blocky desk spans nearly the entire breadth of this room. Behind it sits a white-bearded Dwarf, peering over the top of a pair of square-rimmed spectacles. The walls are lined with several framed portraits of Dwarves in constable uniforms.

The old Chief Constable looks at you and says, "Ah, so you're here to learn about the Hibarnhvidar penal code? Excellent. A fascinating topic." He immediately launches into a lecture covering the minutiae of obscure topics such as the fines for prohibited beard length prior to year 116 and cave zoning regulations within a business district. He follows up with his opinions on the ideal dimensions for a billy club. Your eyelids begin to droop as he talks about penalties for smuggling gemstones within livestock. He seems about to begin another tiresome spiel when, at last, he looks up and exclaims, "Oh dear, look at the time! I'd best get back to my duties." You feel a certain sense of relief that you had the self-control necessary to refrain from doing something that would get you locked up in an attempt to escape the old boy.

Inner Hibarnhvidar, Map 117

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