Soul Ablaze

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Soul Ablaze
Abbreviation: SOUL
Prerequisites: Circle 40, Rage of the Clans
Signature: No
Spell Slots: 2
Mana Type: Elemental Magic
Spell Type: ritual / augmentation
Difficulty: advanced
Prep (min/max): 300 / 800
Skill Range (min/max): 250 / 1000
Valid Spell Target: Self
Duration (min/max): 30 minutes / 90 minutes
Justice: This spell is legal to cast in Justice Zones.
Corruption: This spell does not cause Divine Outrage or some other form of Sorcerous Corruption.
Description: Soul Ablaze represents a more radical, though perhaps inevitable, derivation of the Words of the Wind pattern. The spell harnesses the element of Fire to ignite an intense passion, granting charisma and an enhanced aptitude when manipulating minds and bodies alike. For our own safety the ritual is designed to draw from trace amounts of ambient Fire; attempting to draw directly from a more potent source would be unwise at best. Be warned that the intensity of Fire will burn away any other element instilled within the magician at the time of casting.
Effect: +Augmentation skill, +Debilitation skill, +Charisma (stat)
Example Messaging: You relax your eyes in order to focus on the trace amounts of Fire that warm you and the world around you. Your skin glows faintly to your relaxed vision and your breath puffs forth like luminescent steam.

They very air around you grows chill as you draw in the requisite spark to ignite Fire within you. As the wild element burns through your body the Aether already residing there is consumed in an uncontrolled wave of energy. Your mind reels as the Fire flares your passion and ravanges your detactment. Anger and lust seethe in your soul and all before you are simply kindling waiting for your touch. The abrupt transition leaves you stunned!

Devices/Tattoos: No devices or tattoos documented.