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Barbarian Guild

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Primary Skillset: Weapon
Secondary Skillsets: Survival, Armor
Tertiary Skillsets: Lore, Magic
Special Abilities: Form, Berserks, bonus Stance points, Choke, Dual Load, Magic Resistance, Roars, Meditations, War Stomp, Whirlwind
Mana Type: None
Barbarian - Bard - Cleric - Commoner - Empath - Moon Mage

Necromancer - Paladin - Ranger - Thief - Trader - Warrior Mage

The Barbarian's life is a simple one, but not an easy one. The field of combat is our crib; the blood of foes is mother's milk to us. Stand with us, and flesh your sleepless sword in training in the field. Live with us, and steel your mind against the taint of Magic's aid. Die with us, and drive your body to a warrior's dogged end while those of lesser mettle cower at inglorious range!

Inner Fire is the measure both of rage and of control, and the substance of Barbarian heart and guts; in purity, it fuels the bloodlust of the battle-hardened and stills the mind of the meditator. But be wary - the taint of magic will disrupt this fragile balance of body and soul, so leave the mana-meddling to those who lean on magic as a crutch!

Official Information

Guild crest: A bloodied sword raised high in a clenched fist
Information courtesy of Dragonrealms Website.

Guild Hall Locations

The Crossing
Led by Guild Leader Agonar Dokona, the steel-eyed Human warrior. (You can type DIR BARBARIAN for directions.)
Led by Guildmaster Mo Glawroak, the massive Gor'Tog axe wielder.(You can type DIR BARBARIAN for directions while in haven)
Steelclaw Clan
Led by Guildmistress T'Kiel, the legendary Elven swordswoman.
Led by Guildmistress Anhh'shre, the lightning-quick S'Kra Mur knife fighter.
Outer Hibarnhvidar
Led by Guildmistress Stumara, and her trusty tankard.
Led by Guildmaster Tusfaov, human warrior and scholar.

Skillsets and Common Races

A barbarian's primary skillset is Weapon. Survival and Armor are secondary skillsets, with Magic and Lore as tertiaries.

According to the DragonRealms website, barbarians tend to be:

Gor'Tog 29%
Human 17%
Dwarven 14%
S'Kra Mur 11%

Crafting Affiliation

Guilded barbarians receive three free technique slots in the Weaponsmithing discipline of the Forging skill.

See: Crafting

Inner Fire Abilities

Inner Fire is the driving force in every Barbarian - that which is alive in all, but strong in few. A Barbarian's Inner Fire is the source of his/her tremendous courage and strength. For training, this skill occupies a space analogous to Primary magic.

Buffalo (Augmentation)FlameAvalanche (Augmentation)Anger the Earth (Debilitation)Seek (Augmentation)Everild's Rage (Debilitation)Famine (Warding)PowerDragon (Augmentation)Focus (Augmentation)Death's Embrace (Debilitation)Landslide (Warding)Tornado (Augmentation)Eagle (Augmentation)Monkey (Augmentation)Contemplation (Augmentation)Python (Augmentation)Tenacity (Warding)Unyielding (Augmentation)Cyclone (Augmentation)Dispel (Warding)Screech of Madness (Debilitation)Wildfire (Augmentation)Flashflood (Warding)Wolverine (Augmentation)Swan (Warding)Piranha (Augmentation)Bastion (Warding)Kuniyo's Strike (Debilitation)Bear (Augmentation)Toad (Augmentation)Serpent's Hiss (Debilitation)Owl (Augmentation)Staunch (Augmentation)Prediction (Augmentation)Tsunami (Augmentation)Serenity (Warding)Mage's Lash (Debilitation)Volcano (Augmentation)Earthquake (Debilitation)Panther (Augmentation)Turtle (Warding)Death's Shriek (Debilitation)Badger (Warding)Wail of Torment (Debilitation)Slash the Shadows (Debilitation)Mana Torment (Debilitation)TitanStrategosJuggernautDuelistTribalistPowermongerYogiTemplarBarbarian Abilities.png
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  • Barbarians gain new ability slots at the tertiary rate: 1 at first circle followed by 1 every even level until 100th circle then followed by 1 every level that is a multiple of 3 until 150th for a total of 68 skill slots.
  • Each ability also requires a certain number of previous abilities in the same path to be known before it can be selected.


Berserks are short duration abilities offering a wide variety of offensive buffs primarily to combat related things, such as stats, skills, weapon augmentation, anti-stun and other bonuses. Will train Inner Fire, and then either Augmentation or Warding. Berserks have a moderate IF startup cost and a small pulsing cost.

You can have a maximum of five (5) running at the same time. NOTE: This appears to have changed as I currently have all seven berserks I know running at the same time. ~Rhadyn


Forms are long duration abilities offering a wide variety of buffs primarily to combat related things, such as stats, burden, offensive factor and warding. Will train Inner Fire, and then either Augmentation or Warding. Forms have no IF startup cost and a moderate pulsing cost. Forms also reduce your passive IF regeneration limit.

You can have a maximum of five (5) running at the same time.


Meditations are moderate duration buffs which cover a wide territory, including damage reduction, such as Tenacity Meditation, or skill boosts such as the Focus Meditation. Meditations have a large IF startup cost and no pulsing cost.

Without the Yogi Mastery, the player cannot be in combat, and must be sitting or kneeling, to start a meditation.

You can have a maximum of three (3) running at the same time. However, Dispel and Staunch do not count towards this limit and can be used any time.


Barbarian roars are strictly debilitators. They can unbalance foes, knock them out of hiding, or reduce the power of a mage. They train the Debilitation skill. Roars use a separate Voice Pool to power their effect. The pool size does not change over the life of a Barbarian.


Masteries are passive traits that require a significant number of points invested in a path in order to unlock. Once known, the mastery is always in effect. Masteries can count towards pre-requisite skills allowing you to forget earlier abilities if you have more than one Mastery in a path.

Forgetting Inner Fire Abilities

You may forget one learned Inner Fire ability every 30 real life days; assuming the ability is not a (pre)requirement for another ability you already know.

  • ASK Agonar about forgetting <ABILITY>.

Other Barbarian Abilities

Bonus Stance Points

Barbarians gain an additional stance point for every 60 ranks in the Defending skill, like all armor secondary guilds.

Dual Load

Allows two arrows to be loaded and fired from a bow. Requires 201 Bows, 30 Agility, 30 Reflex and Eagle Form active.

Magic Resistance

Because of both Inner Fire and their disdain for the magical, Barbarians are much more difficult to affect with magic than any other guild. This takes the form of premier anti-magic abilities. For example, Serenity meditation, Dispel meditation, and Mage's Lash Roar.

War Stomp

At 100th level, Barbarians learn how to shiver the ground with their rage, knocking opponents off balance. (Currently not available)


The Barbarian-only ability to rotate in place, making an attack on everything within your weapons range. It also can be used to free oneself from webbing. The attack version of this requires 350 in the weapon being used and 30 agility and reflexes.


Far from the simple facepaint of carnivals and elves, warpainting is the art of adding a screaming exclamation point to a Barbarian's visage.

Barbarian Verbs

Barbarians have a number of verbs that they do differently:

Expertise skill

This skill represents a Barbarian's Mastery with weapons and combat-related tasks.

Barbarian Combos

Barbarians have a unique form of tactical combat that uses Expertise instead of the Tactics skill. These combos are self-only, cannot be refreshed and give a selective bonus when finished. Each form of ANALYZE unlocks with more Expertise skill.

ANALYZE <type>
Barbarians can use ANALYZE to begin a Barbarian combo. These work very similar to enemy combos, except they use Expertise skill and can only be advanced by the Barbarian while engaged. Self combos do not have a strength, and subsequent ANALYZE attempts will be wasted. The possible combos are: FLAME, ACCURACY, DAMAGE, INTIMIDATION, FATIGUE, BALANCE, VITALITY, RAGE or CALM.

Circle Requirements

Circle 1st Weap. 2nd Weap. 3rd Weap. 4th Weap. Parry Abil. Expertise Tactics 1st Armor 2nd Armor Inner Fire 1st-2nd Surv. 3rd Surv. 4th Surv. Primary Mastery 1st Lore Evasion 1st Supernatural 2nd Supernatural
1-10 4 4 2 1 4 4 1 3 1 1 2 2 1 4 1 3 1 0
11-30 5 5 3 2 4 5 1 4 2 2 2 2 1 5 1 4 2 0
31-70 6 6 3 2 4 5 2 4 2 3 3 2 2 6 2 4 2 2
71-100 6 6 4 3 4 5 2 5 3 3 3 3 2 6 2 5 3 2
101-150 6 6 5 4 5 6 3 6 4 3 3 3 2 6 3 6 3 3
151-200 15 15 13 10 13 15 8 13 10 8 8 8 5 15 8 15 8 8

Evasion and Tactics are Hard Requirements (do not count toward Nth requirements)
Thievery, Sorcery. Utility and Targeted Magic are restricted skills (cannot be used towards Nth skill requirements)
Note: Arcana is not restricted but it has been noted that there will be penalties for learning.

Miscellaneous Information

Guild Suggestions

Do you have suggestions to make the Barbarian guild the best guild in the Realms? Be sure to post in the forums and also put your ideas in the Barbarian Guild Suggestions Google document located here:

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