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In each province of Elanthia there exists libraries. Some private, some public. These storehouses of knowledge contain many books, to inform those new to Elanthia of the world they have entered.

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The following are the only Libraries known to exist at this time.


Library Location Notes
Ancient Tower West of Crossing Open
Asemath Academy Library Crossing Open
Asemath Freshman Library Crossing Open
Bard Guild Library Crossing By Invitation
Cleric Guild Library Crossing Open
Crossing Temple Library Crossing Open
Empath Guild Library Crossing Open
Jadewater Library Crossing Open
Moon Mage Guild Library Crossing Open
Necromancer Guild Library Zoluren Necromancer Only
Paladin Guild Library Crossing Paladin Only
Ranger Guild Library Crossing Ranger Only
Strand Communal Center Crossing Premium Only
Thief Guild Library Crossing Thief Only
Trader Guild Library Crossing Trader - Commoner or by Invitation
Warrior Mage Guild Library Crossing By Invitation
Arthe Hollow Inn Books Arthe Dale Open
Izma Ru'ef University Library Leth Deriel Open
Ilaya Taipa Chapel Library Ilaya Taipa Open


Library Location Notes
Academy of Learning Riverhaven Open
Bard Guild Library Riverhaven Bards Only, solve riddle to enter
Empath Guild Library Riverhaven Open
Trader Guild Library Riverhaven Open
Moon Mage Guild Library Sicle Grove Open
Necromancer Guild Library Therengia Necromancer Only
Exclusive Library Throne City Open (Fee Required) 2 Rooms
Imperial Library Archives Throne City Open
Gealeranendae College Theren Open
Locked Keep Library Theren Lockpicking ability required (Trapped)
Sister Nongwen's Corner Theren open (bug fixed)
Telomin Hall Library Theren Citizen Only
Neristan Keep Archives Hvaral Open
Old Skasaarn's House Hvaral Open
Bard Guild Library Muspar’i Bardic Escort Required
Royal Library Archives Muspar'i Open
Warrior Mage Guild Library Muspar'i Open
Dzirta Nars Fasuteka Siksraja Rakash Only


Library Location Notes
Cleric Guild Library Shard Commoner Only, in Temple of Light
Great Tower Library Shard Open
Empath Guild Library Shard Open
Moon Mage Guild Library Shard Open
Necromancer Guild Library Ilithi Necromancer Only
Paladin Guild Library Shard Open
Tower of Honor Shard Open
House of the Waxen Moons Library Shard House Member/guest
Corik's Wall Darkling Wood Lockpick Skill Required
Coin of the Realm Shard Open


Library Location Notes
Misrel Lemicus'a Aesry Open 5 Separate Rooms
Empath Guild Library Ratha Open
Necromancer Guild Library Basalt Isle Necromancer Only
Paladin Guild Library Ratha Library is Closed
Sisters-in-Lore Library Ratha Open
Sshoi-sson Palace, Public Library Ratha Open
Globe Arena Library Mer’kresh Open
Ship Circle Library Mer’kresh Open
Warrior Mage Guild Library Mer’kresh Open
Gryzzler's Library Penal Colony Must be arrested in Mer'Kresh to enter
Taisgath Guildhouse Library Taisgath Island Open


Library Location Notes
Hibarnhvidar Library Inner Hibarnhvidar Open
Temple of Kertigen, Library Inner Hibarnhvidar Open
Orphanage Library Outer Hibarnhvidar Open
Chateau Archives Ain Ghazal Open
Clerics' Guild, Library Vela'tohr Monastery Open
Paladins' Guild, War Room Inner Hibarnhvidar Open
Ranger Guild Boar Clan Open
Empath Guild Inner Hibarnhvidar Open
Necromancer Guild Library Forfedhdar Necromancer Only

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