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Login rewards are part of a system of points and benefits that you accumulate for daily logins to the game. The system was released to all three instances on August 30, 2022.


  • The BOOST verb is how you access/use your rewards. You can also view the schedule for your subscription level and modify your login bridge settings.
  • Login bridges help you maintain your streak in case you miss logging in! You can earn free ones on certain days of the cycle, and more can be purchased directly in game with the BOOST verb for SimuCoins.
  • Login rewards are per character, not account! Bring on the alts!
  • The first 30 days (starting August 30, 2022) are for Premium subscribers in all instances. Basic and F2P accounts will begin earning rewards on day 31. (If you have an old account that hasn't been active in a while, there's a promo active that includes returning as Premium!)
  • Characters affected by a recent warning do not gain login rewards. You may check WARN HISTORY and NEWS 5 18 for information related to penalties from warnings.
  • Premium and Basic subscribers share the same 30-day cycle of items, though Premium get extra rewards on some days. F2P accounts share many of the days, but some days are different with F2P-specific rewards. BOOST SCHEDULE will show you what you'll get for each day at your subscription level.
  • Premium and Basic subscribers who are online at midnight when the date changes over will be automatically processed at that time without needing to log out and back in. F2P characters will need to log out and back in (you get a message indicating such). Those not online for the date change will be processed the next time they do log in.
  • For those who have opted into sharing messages to Discord via the DISCORD PRIVACY options, a message is sent to #kudos for completing a 30 day streak. These messages are disabled for the initial 60 days just as a precaution in regards to how many may trigger the first cycle or so.
  • Some days award items (like translocation orbs, or crafting material bags). These items are generally bonded to the person who earned the reward, though in the case of the bags that spawn additional items -- those spawned items are not bound and can be handed off / sold to others if desired.

Rewards Schedule


Day Subscriber Reward F2P Reward Premium Uses Standard Uses F2P Uses (Max)
1 2 Hours No TASK Cooldown +4 +2 +1 (Max 3)
2 1 Hour Bonus Resource Recovery +2 +2 +1 (Max 3)
3 Collector's Bag +1 +1 +1 (Max 3)
4 Urchin Guide +2 +1 +1 (Max 3)
5 Memory Orb (50%) Memory Orb (25%) +1 +1 +1 (Max 3)
6 Urchin Runner +2 +1 +1 (Max 3)
7 Lesser Luck +1 +1 +1 (Max 3)
8 1-hour Featherstone +3 +2 +1 (Max 3)
9 Experience Drain +2 +1 +1 (Max 3)
10 Skill Boost 15%, 40 Minutes +1 +1 +1 (Max 3)
11 Stat Boost +5, 1 Hour +1 +1 +1 (Max 3)
12 Urchin Guide +6 +4 +1 (Max 3)
13 Login Bridge +1 +1 +1 (Max 3)
14 Translocation Orb 4-Hour Travel Visa +3 +2 +1 (Max 6)
15 Greater Luck Lesser Luck +1 +1 +1 (Max 3)
16 RPA Points +8 +4 +2 (Max 5)
17 Urchin Runner +4 +2 +1 (Max 3)
18 1 Hour Featherstone +6 +4 +2 (Max 3)
19 Repair Weapons/Armor/Tools Held Only +3 +2 +1 (Max 3)
20 1 Hour Bonus Resource Recovery +6 +4 +2 (Max 3)
21 Death's Sting Removal +3 +2 +1 (Max 3)
22 Experience Drain +4 +2 +1 (Max 3)
23 Crafting Material Grabbag Special Treasure Box +1 +1 +1 (Max 3)
24 Login Bridge +2 +1 +1
25 RPA Points +12 +6 +3 (Max 5)
26 Translocation Orb 4-Hour Travel Visa +3 +2 +1 (Max 6)
27 HEALME Charge 1 Day Bank Cap Removal +1 +1 +1 (Max 3)
28 1 Hour Minor Haste +1 +1 +1 (Max 3)
29 Nexus Activation 6-Hour Treasure Find Boost +1 +1 +1 (Max 3)
30 REXP Refill+Reset 2 Hours Bonused EXP +1 +1 +1 (Max 3)

Rewards Descriptions

Command Award Limited Details
Login Bridge Allows you to miss logging in without breaking your streak. See BOOST BRIDGE for more info.
BOOST BURDEN 1-hour Featherstone Adds an effect similar to Ease Burden to lessen your encumbrance for 1 hour.
BOOST CRAFTING Crafting Material Grabbag Subscriber Contains an entirely randomly generated crafting material (ultra common up to ultra rare).
BOOST DEATH Death's Sting Removal Removes 50% of whatever current death sting time remaining you have.
BOOST DRAIN Experience Drain Triggers the login drain mechanics to instantly drain 100% of all field exp you have. Does not benefit from rested exp.
BOOST DYE Collector Bag Contains 1-2 each of Imperial diras, collector cards and dyes.
BOOST EXP Rested EXP Refill/Reset Completely refills your rested experience pool, *and* resets your daily cycle reset time.
BOOST GUIDE Urchin Guide Adds uses of URCHIN guides (shows up in INFO) to quickly travel within your current province.
BOOST HASTE 1-Hour Minor Haste All roundtimes are reduced by 1 second, but cannot be entirely eliminated.
BOOST HEALME HEALME Charge Adds uses of HEALME (shows up in INFO) for complete healing.
BOOST LUCK1 Lesser Luck Slightly modify your random rolls more favorably for participating systems.
BOOST LUCK2 Greater Luck Subscriber Less-slightly modify your random rolls more favorably for participating systems.
BOOST MEMORY A Memory Orb Grants a memory orb that converts 50% (25% for F2P) field exp of a chosen skill into ranks.
BOOST NEXUS Nexus Activation Instantly empower a Nexus point for 1 hour.
BOOST RECOVERY 1-Hour of Bonus Resource Recovery Increase your choice of fatigue, vitality, spirit, concentration or mana regen by 10% for 1 hour.
BOOST REPAIR Repair Worn and/or Held Items Subscriber Repairs held or worn weapons, armor or crafting tools. Consumes 1 point for each type individually, or 3 points for all.
BOOST REPAIR Repair Held Items F2P Repairs held weapons, armor or crafting tools. Consumes 1 point per item.
BOOST RPA RPA Points Gain RPA points that can be converted into usable RPAs.
BOOST RUNNER Urchin Runner Adds uses of urchin runners (shows up in INFO) for remote bank, vault, registration, and other services.
BOOST TASK 2-Hours of No TASK Cooldown Skip the downtime between completing a TASK and getting the next one.
BOOST TRAVEL Translocation Orb Subscriber Gain a translocation orb for quick travel between a few main cities around the realms.
BOOST STAT +5 to a Stat Gain a small bonus to your chosen stat for 1 hour.
BOOST SKILL Skill Boost Choose a skill to gain a 15% boost for 40 minutes. (This respects global caps!)
Treasure Box F2P Gain a special treasure box that flexes (roughly) to your ability!
BOOST TRAVEL <PROVINCE> 4-Hour Travel Visa F2P Gain a travel visa to Therengia, Ilithi, Qi or Forfedhdar that lasts for 4 hours. (Works like guild travel visa.)
1-Day Bank Cap Removal F2P You may carry and deposit as many coins in your bank as you like for 1 day.
6-Hour Treasure Find F2P Increases the value of coins and gems you find from creatures for 6 hours.
2-Hour Bonused Exp F2P Greatly (depending on skill level) increase the experience you absorb for 2 hours.

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