Tezirah's Veil

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Mm thumb.jpgMoon Mage Guild

Tezirah's Veil Scroll-only Spell Justice triggering spell Causes outrage or corruption
Abbreviation: TV
Prerequisites: Sever Thread or Tangled Fate
Signature: Yes
Spell Slots: 2
Mana Type: Lunar Magic
Spell Type: battle / augmentation, debilitation
Difficulty: intermediate
Prep (min/max): 15 / 100
Skill Range (min/max): 80 / 800
Valid Spell Target: Self, PC, Creature
Duration (min/max): Instant
Justice: This spell is illegal to cast in Justice Zones.
Corruption: This spell causes Divine Outrage or some other form of Sorcerous Corruption.
Description: The Holy infusion of the Pattern of Prophecy, Tezirah's Veil augments the caster's existing connection to the plane of probability. What teleologic sorcerers then do with this augmentation varies, either briefly retaining the enhanced foresight but risking direct exposure to probability itself, or shunting the augmentation into another to briefly gift them with prophecy. However, this gift is usually a tainted one as mundane minds are oft unprepared to face destiny so vividly.
Effect: gives random predictions; fills prediction pools.
Example Messaging: You gesture at a cougar.

The world about you jolts to a sudden stop. Awareness of the here and now fades as flickers of fate flood your mind allowing you to view all the myriad possibilities that may yet be.
Empowered by the sorcerous magic you splinter off a fragment of your newly augmented prophetic connection and attempt to imbed it into a cougar's essence.
The sliver of prophecy sinks deeply into a cougar.
And then the world moves on as if oblivious to what just happened.
Roundtime: 2 sec.

A cougar closes its eyes for a briefly before snapping them open again revealing scleras awash with shadows that creep into the irises. Threads of silver flicker across the pupils as its eyes drift about serenely.
A cougar blinks once, returning its eyes to normal.

Contest Type: spirit / willpower
Devices/Tattoos: Item:Slender ash staff inlaid along the length with a swirling pattern of shadowy black onyx, Swirling onyx staff with bat winged skulls on it, Thin glass tablet with a delicate moonsilk overlay, Weapon:Swirling onyx staff with bat winged skulls on it


The spell has different effects depending on target:

  • Non Moon Mages:
  • Gives random predictions over the duration of the spell that are heavily inclined toward curses and which persist after the spell fades.
  • PREDICT ANALYZE can be used to check for these curses.
  • Creatures are not able to be affected by predictions, however, they can still be affected by this spell. They instead receive regular debuffs dressed up to appear as though they were predictions. These debuffs can be detected via PREDICT ANALYZE just as if they were normal predictions. They are not otherwise functional as predictions in any way, however.
  • Moon Mages:
  • Fills random prediction pools over the duration of the spell while giving massive nerve damage and short stuns.
    • There is a cap to how much you can fill your prediction pools via self-casts in an hour.
  • Stuns and nerve damage occur even when self cast by a Moon Mage.
  • If you have complete paralysis of the body then the stuns from this spell are significantly longer and your prediction pools do not gain any insight.

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