Khri Adaptation

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Thief thumb.jpgThief Guild
Requirements: Hasten
Slot Cost: 1
Difficulty: Tier 2
Type / Skill: khri / warding
Use Cost: 12 Concentration on startup + 3 Concentration per pulse
Path: Finesse
Description: Kalag the Sly clicks his claws against his desk and says, "In combat adaptation is king. A flurry of blows or a group attacking as one could easily be your end, unless you learn to adapt. For the truly adaptable that onslaught of attacks tells a story, from the first blow on, if you can see the pattern. Learn to spot that and adapt to what you're seeing, and what felt like overwhelming odds becomes laughably predictable."
Effect: Reduces damage from multiple strikes in a short period of time. Each subsequent strike within the time frame is reduced more than the last.
Messaging: You carefully relax your mind through your expert training, allowing you to focus on your survival even under a barrage of threats.


  • KHRI START ADAPTATION <TYPE> where type is one of puncture, slice, impact, fire, cold, or electric


  • Does not consume a ward slot because it only provides a small percent barrier to a single damage type.[1]


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