Shadow Web (2.0)

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Mm thumb.jpgMoon Mage Guild
Shadow Web Scroll-only Spell
Abbreviation: SDWB
Prerequisites: Tezirah's Veil
Minimum Prep: 12
Casting Cap: 52
Valid Spell Target: Area
Description: Shadow Web was perfected by the Adan'f, and many feel the spell is tainted by their foul touch. It will generate a dark web of pure shadow across the area, entrapping all who are unlucky enough to be snared in its dark embrace.
Example Messaging: Dark cracks interlace themselves across the ground, snaking in rapid succession until they coalesce into an ebony web of shadowy lines!

The web of shadows phases between mundane darkness and otherworldly matter. It expands with unimaginable speed in those brief moments, threatening to engulf everything in its reach!

<Target> is entangled by the encroaching web.
Leaping with a life all their own, the webs wrap completely around you!

The web of shadows twitches one last time and then goes inert.


  • Caster can no longer be webbed.
  • Costs 125 TDPs to learn permanently.
  • Pulses up to six times. There is no longer a matrix that prevents it from immediately being recast.
  • Escaping the web contests the victim's Escaping skill versus the caster's Escaping after half the web's duration. If the victim wins they are freed from the web; if the victim fails then they must wait out the full duration. This teaches Escaping when cast by a creature.
  • Visible in room LOOK as: a writhing web of shadows.
  • Casting in a Justice Zone is considered Disturbing the Peace.