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Charisma is a combination of a character's persuasiveness, leadership ability, and other factors when dealing with other characters, NPCs, creatures and spirits. Charisma is often an overlooked statistic, but it is said to affect a great number of systems in subtle ways that are not easy to appreciate.[1]



*Charisma no longer affects the multi opponent penalty as of Combat 3.0.

Justice System:

  • Reduces amount of fines from being arrested.
  • Increases the chance of evading the guards when a warrant has been issued.[4]
  • Reduces the round time for plead release attempts from the stocks [5]

Teaching System:

  • The more charisma your students have, the more teaching experience you will earn
  • The more charisma your teacher has, the faster you will learn the skill you are trying to learn
  • The more charisma you have, the more scholarship you will learn as a teacher or student.

Guild Specific:

Other Uses

  • Reduces prices in shops with shopkeepers that use the barter system.
  • Improves performance.

Spells and Abilities that Boost Charisma

Spells and abilities that debuff Charisma

Training Locations


a stone cottage
(can use DIR charisma)

[Woodruff's Recitation Room]
A smattering of applause greets you when you enter the cottage. Several seated youths are listening attentively to an Elothean lad at a podium who is addressing them. He speaks animatedly with eloquent gestures, and his audience leans forward in their seats, captivated by his speech. A Halfling instructress studies him carefully, occasionally jotting down a notation in her book. You also see a painted sign mounted on the podium.
A painted sign reads:
Public Speaking Classes - Rue Woodruff, Instructress

With many fits and starts, you manage to come up with a speech that pleases both the crowd and the instructress.


Academy, Lecture Hall, go gate, n
(can use DIR charisma)

[Academy, Lecture Hall]
A small lectern set upon a table stands alone and exposed at the front of the room, facing rows of high-backed chairs where students sit, each waiting their turn to speak. Aside from the front podium which is flanked by 4 glowing lanterns, the room is poorly lit, with shades covering all of the windows. You also see a notice tacked to the classroom wall.

The instructor takes you aside and instructs you on the finer points of body language when speaking with others. How to use your hands as you speak, how not to use your hands, and it all seems so absurd at first. But as you watch the instructor, you recognize he is employing the very techniques he is teaching, and they work. Determined to gain this skill, you listen in earnest.


Faenella's Temple, Priest's Quarters

[Faenella's Temple, Priest's Quarters]
This cluttered room is filled with rolls of sheet music and instruments. A S'Kra Mur priest, his black scales painted with silver wrens, sits beside a large harp, humming a hymn to his goddess.

Aesry Surlaenis'a

[Aesry Surlaenis'a, Chui'mysanda Shyrel'nor Fundisoli]
Lush rose bushes fill the air with a heady fragrance in the garden at the center of the school's courtyard. Young men and women of good families stroll the soft mulched pathways, accompanied by stern duennas to chaperone their behaviour. A mischievous young man gives you a wink from his perch atop the garden wall.


Traders' Guild, Sales Returns

[Traders' Guild, Sales Returns]
This small, cramped room is warm all season round due to the press of bodies that fill it. A few traders in the back handle the complaints that enter here in a neverending stream, their weary faces fixed with happy smiles. You can feel a twinge of sympathy for the poor souls who handle all that the unhappy world of customer service has to dish out, and marvel at the patience with which the clerks handle their situation.

For the duration of your study, you are forced to deal with cranky Traders who want to know why their yak won't move after they just shot it in the hoof with an arrow, uppity Warrior Mages who demand a rebate on their talismans because for the *fourth time* they got a spotted gerbil for a familiar, and Paladins who spend more time apologizing for taking up your time than they do explaining why they're bothering you in the first place. By the end of it, it's a wonder you can manage a facial expression other than the permanent smile that seems to be plastered to your face.


Academy of Grunting

[Academy of Grunting]
This cavern is very deep, and the slightest sound sets off an impressive series of echoes. A cart to one side holds a tray of cheeses along with large pitchers of milk and ale. In front of the food and drink are a stern-faced Dwarf and a hulking Gor'Tog who shoo away anyone trying to grab freebies. You also see a moldy banner, a copper-banded door.
A moldy banner reads:
Learn How to Grunt Your Way to Popularity and Influence!

The 'Tog guides you to the milk, ale, and cheese, and the Dwarf barks, "Phlegm up!" After you've consumed enough of the stuff to make your throat feel a bit clogged, they lead you through a series of grunts that span an impressive spectrum of octaves, creating echoes that ring off the cavern walls. Occasionally the Dwarf will interject a comment such as "From the diaphragm," while the Gor'Tog continually insists, "More feeling!" and "Grunt it like you mean it!" Finally, the Dwarf nods at you approvingly and says, "Not bad at all. Your tone almost reminds me of my mother's."


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