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Forging is one of the five crafting skills that deals with the creation of items from metal.


Forging is divided into three disciplines:


Training the Forging skill is accomplished by creating products at a Forging Society. The process for Forging begins with the formation of a metal ingot, which is then heated and shaped on an anvil, cooled, and assembled into a final product. Work orders within the released disciplines can be obtained from a Master/Mistress within each Forging Society, giving players the option of being compensated for their work in this skill.

The Forging guide introduces and describes all processes related to Forging.


Metals used in Forging are primarily acquired through mining, but can also be attained through purchase at a Forging Society, auctions, treasure map, random creature drop, and other sources.

A listing of all Forging materials can be found on the crafting materials page.


Forging requires stationary tools found in Forging Societies including the crucible, anvil, forge, grindstone, and slack tub. In addition to the stationary tools, each discipline requires hand-held tools including a hammer, tongs, shovel, bellows, oil, and other various tools to craft items. All necessary tools can be purchased at a Society building. Higher quality forging tools are made with the Blacksmithing and Carving disciplines. When not in use, tools can be stored at a Society building with that Society's clerk by putting them on the counter. Player-crafted tools can be stored with a deed packet and register.

See crafting tools for an in-depth explanation on the tools related to Forging disciplines.

Spells and abilities that boost Forging

Spells and abilities that decrease Forging

  • None