Anger the Earth

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Barb thumb.jpgBarbarian Guild
Anger the Earth
Requirements: 0
Slot Cost: 1
Difficulty: intro
Type / Skill: roar / debilitation
Contest: fear vs. reflexes
Path: Horde
Description: Startled enemies' legs buckle and give out when you roar this terrible call.
Effect: Balance damage
Messaging: Your teacher's voice echoes in your thoughts. "The earth is not alive. It cannot truly feel anger. You, however, can." Remembering that lesson and the form of intimidation you must use, you release a low, brutal roar.

<Target> appears startled and uncertain of <his/her> footing.

Anger the Earth is a balance reducer which penalizes all defenses and offenses of the enemy, and stacks with Rage and Shriek.

Previous Description

T'Kiel grins brightly at you. "Yes, that's a technique I can teach you. It doesn't actually do anything to the earth, of course -- a name is just a name. However, I can show you the necessary unity of body, mind, and spirit that will allow you to make use of this technique. With that unity and proper use, you can cause such fear that your enemies will wilt before you, losing their balance."


Wearing off messaging just indicates when it can be used again against that target, as the balance hit is instant.