Harm Evil

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Harm Evil Targeted Magic spell
Abbreviation: HE
Prerequisites: Protection from Evil or Divine Radiance
Signature: No
Spell Slots: 2
Mana Type: Holy Magic
Spell Type: battle / targeted, shield ignoring, armor ignoring
Difficulty: basic
Prep (min/max): 2 / 50
Skill Range (min/max): 10 / 600
Valid Spell Target: PC, Creature
Duration (min/max): Instant
Justice: Unknown
Corruption: Unknown
Description: The Harm Evil spell disrupts the physical manifestations of undead, demonic and cursed beings. The spell has also been known to have ill effects upon the minions of the Dark Gods, although they are neither evil nor undead.
Effect: Fire damage, Electrical damage, Undead/Demonic/Cursed-only single-strike attack that bypasses shield and armor.
Example Messaging: You gesture at a dark fiend.

A single tendril of pearlescent grey mist bursts out from inside the dark fiend, rending open its back. A luminous wisp of spectral fire races along the length of the misty tendril, sparking a roaring pyre of ghostly silver-grey flame that soon immolates its back entirely.
The dark fiend shudders as the shadow armor leaves its form and it goes still.

Roundtime: 1 sec.

Devices/Tattoos: Pearlescent grey inkpot, Spiraling wand of blackened silver