Whispers of the Muse

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Bard thumb.jpgBard Guild

Whispers of the Muse
Abbreviation: WOTM
Prerequisites: Faenella's Grace
Signature: No
Spell Slots: 1
Mana Type: Elemental Magic
Spell Type: standard / augmentation
Difficulty: basic
Prep (min/max): 5 / 100
Skill Range (min/max): 10 / 600
Valid Spell Target: Self, PC
Duration (min/max): 10 minutes / 40 minutes
Justice: This spell is legal to cast in Justice Zones.
Corruption: This spell does not cause Divine Outrage or some other form of Sorcerous Corruption.
Description: As implied by the name, the spell Whispers of the Muse sparks the imagination and drives one wondrous feats of craftsmanship. It is perhaps unsurprisingly that the exact manifestation of this creativity varies from subject to subject, enhancing preexisting passions.
Effect: +Alchemy skill, +Enchanting skill, +Engineering skill, +Forging skill, +Outfitting skill, Buffs the target's highest skill only.
Example Messaging: Imagination blooms within you as you feel a sudden yearning to create. In particular you find yourself musing over the new applications of forging and outfitting.
Devices/Tattoos: No devices or tattoos documented.


  • Has periodic atmospheric messaging that reflects the skill that was buffed. For example, you will find yourself thinking about gears and glarmencouplers if your Engineering skill was buffed but will find yourself thinking about weapon forging techniques if your Forging skill was buffed.