Distant Gaze

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Mm thumb.jpgMoon Mage Guild
Distant Gaze
Abbreviation: DG
Prerequisites: Focus Moonbeam and one of Aura Sight or Piercing Gaze or Artificer's Eye
Slot Cost: 1
Mana Type: Lunar magic
Spell Type: standard / utility
Difficulty: basic
Prep (min/max): 15 / 100
Skill Range (min/max): 80 / 800
Valid Spell Target: Special
Duration (min/max): 60 minutes / 180 minutes
Description: The Distant Gaze spell allows you to watch the goings-on where you have a moonbeam focused. Though it is not the most powerful scrying tool available to Moon Mages, it works well for guard duty, where a mage can be aware of people or creatures approaching an area -- such as outside a home or on the entry path to a dangerous hunting area.

In addition, the psychic link this spell establishes can be used to project thoughts in a limited capacity. If the spell is cast while firmly concentrating on a message, the magic will expend itself as a weak telepathic wave. A crude but effective means to "speak" to people remotely.

Effect: Scry on moonbeam (continuous), Project message through moonbeam
Example Messaging: You gesture.

You concentrate on your Katamba moonbeam, overlaying an oddly flat image from its location upon your normal vision...

Message Sending:
You gesture.
You project through your moonbeam, "Hello."


Allows you to remotely watch the location of your focused moonbeam.
Allows you to remotely speak to everyone in the room through your focused moonbeam.