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Cleric thumb.jpgCleric Guild
Meraud's commune
Requirements: 20th Circle, Quest
Difficulty: None
Type / Skill: commune / theurgy
Description: Meraud's power consecrates the area; a number of rituals can then be performed there such as playing music, reciting, dancing, exploding beads, and last rites.
Effect: +Mana level, -Mana level, boost mana for all types but arcane, penalizes arcane mana
Messaging: Start: You close your eyes and concentrate, letting your mind still and feeling your breathing grow shallow. The world folds into a soft, rich velvet darkness in which you are the only shining star. For a split second you embrace existence without substance, before exploding outward with familiar holy power. As you slowly regain a sense of being, you fight to control foreign energies flooding the area. The energies spread out around you like a blanket, covering the earth and suffusing it. You let the experience conclude naturally as the world returns around you, leaving you feeling wonderfully spent.

End: (In the consecrated room) The holy presence in the area fades quietly away. (In another room when ending) You sense your connection to the area you consecrated earlier fade away.


  • Usage:
SPRINKLE Holy water at yourself
WAVE lit incense at yourself
  • The mana boost is no longer a static setting. It now adds mana dependent on Theurgy skill, so it will boost good mana rooms much better, but very low mana rooms may not end up as good as before.
  • The mana boost now extends to all the other mana types, except 'Arcane' mana which will take a penalty.
  • The mana boost will be lessened depending on how far removed from the spectrum that particular type is from holy, and Sorcery skill if you have fairly low ranks of it. So, Holy boost > Life boost > Elemental boost > Lunar boost > Arcane penalty.
  • The RT, fatigue hit, and falling to knees effects are also skill based. This commune no longer has the safe room feature, and is no longer restricted from use in random places.
    • Every 100 ranks lessens the fatigue hit by 5%, at 1000 ranks and above you still get a 5% hit.
  • At ~255 Theurgy I no longer fell on my back when performing the commune and now appear to drop to my knees every time.
  • At ~350 Theurgy you remain standing when performing the commune.
  • It can be used anywhere and is intended to be used to allow better Theurgy training while hunting (Going to altars will still be the best thing to do).
  • Learning from this commune is on a 20 minute timer.
  • For returning cleric players: Clerics who did their commune quests before DR 3.0 will need to repeat the quests for Tamsine, Eluned I, and Meraud before they can be used.

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