Serenity (meditation)

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Barb thumb.jpgBarbarian Guild
Requirements: 6
Slot Cost: 2
Difficulty: advanced
Type / Skill: meditation / warding
Path: Flame
Description: At the expense of all other abilities, a barbarian can see spells broken upon a mighty warding against magical effects.
Effect: Very strong integrity magic barrier. Drains inner fire on block. Increases roar cost.
Messaging: Start:
The tainted feel brought upon by close proximity to mana usage washes over your mind.
Below the repugnant memory of magic's withering touch you call forth a cleansing flame of inner fire.
The revolting mental image of magic's influence burns away, purified by your inner fire.

Success: You feel a wash of heat as a spell shatters against your serene mental-barrier of inner fire.
Fail: You feel disgust as a spell penetrates your serene mental-barrier!
End: Chaotic thoughts suddenly wash away your serenity, leaving you vulnerable to magic once more.


Only triggers during CAST operations. Integrity is not checked outside of that time, so there is no trigger costing the Barbarian IF when the ability does nothing.

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