Serenity (meditation)

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Barb thumb.jpgBarbarian Guild
Requirements: 6
Slot Cost: 2
Difficulty: advanced
Type / Skill: meditation / warding
Path: Flame
Description: At the expense of all other abilities, a barbarian can see spells broken upon a mighty warding against magical effects.
Effect: Very strong integrity magic potency barrier. Drains IF on block. Increase roar cost.
Messaging: Start:
The tainted feel brought upon by close proximity to mana usage washes over your mind.
Below the repugnant memory of magic's withering touch you call forth a cleansing flame of inner fire.
The revolting mental image of magic's influence burns away, purified by your inner fire.

Success: You feel a wash of heat as a spell shatters against your serene mental-barrier of inner fire.
Fail: You feel disgust as a spell penetrates your serene mental-barrier!
End: Chaotic thoughts suddenly wash away your serenity, leaving you vulnerable to magic once more.