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Necromancer thumb.jpgNecromancer Guild

Covetous Rebirth
Abbreviation: CRE
Prerequisites: CH, PHP or WORM
Signature: Yes
Spell Slots: 1
Mana Type: Arcane Magic
Spell Type: metamagic / -
Description: Covetous Rebirth is a dead pattern and spiritual necromancy besides. It creates a pact with unknown demonic forces to bind the soul to Elanthia tighter. And, perhaps, to other things beside. Bear in mind that one of our strongest convictions is that by avoiding demonic influence, we may be free to perfect ourselves and our science.
Effect: Occasional DEPART GUILD with all the benefits of DEPART ALL.
Example Messaging: You walk forward, putting one foot in front of the other, wandering closer to something which never seems nearer. After what seems like an eternity, you reach a gate. Before you stands a stony-faced being who gives you a disdainful look as though you are a creature of the basest kind. When he finally speaks, the surrounding constellations brighten and darken alternately in accord with his unearthly voice. "Your place is the Void, decayed soul." He reaches over to you and grips your incorporeal form in a giant hand of silver and black. The gate beyond begins to open at his command, but suddenly a hundred hooked claws take hold in your spirit, snatching you away from the Starry Host!

You feel yourself dragged upwards, the constellations' light plunging into blackness around you. A wracking sensation fills your soul before everything you can see of the starry realm disappears around you. The blackness is pervasive and you feel malicious sensations of hunger and longing. Final oblivion seems imminent, as your spirit and self threaten to merge with the starving entity beyond.

A sensation of palpable relief fills you for the briefest moment as you feel yourself crushed back down into the realm of the mundane by some sudden protective force, your work on Elanthian soil not yet finished.

You feel a burst of pain and dizziness as you gasp in a deep breath! All around you the world spins rapidly and you get the feeling of falling from a great distance. After a moment, the spinning is replaced with a mild wooziness and the far greater joy that you are once again alive...


  • Allows Necromancers to occasionally DEPART GUILD with the full benefits of DEPART ALL. Like DEPART ALL, it does not restore or protect memories, restore field experience, or allow you to keep INVOKEd spell scrolls, it merely allows you to take your items and money with you when you depart.
  • There are rules concerning the ideologies each Necromancer guildhall is associated with. Necromancers of a rejected ideology will not be allowed entry, though DEPART GUILD will still work everywhere — followed by a prompt ejection if the guildhall is unfriendly.[1]
  • This spell has a long (multi-hour) downtime between uses and is intended to be used in emergencies to escape dangerous situations when it would be inadvisable to use Spiteful Rebirth or leave a grave behind. You may PREPARE the spell to tell if it is ready, and if not how long it will be until it is ready again. How often you may use CRE depends on your Thanatology skill and in the future your state of being (Normal < Transcendi < Liches).
  • Covetous Rebirth is spiritual necromancy and thus is not taught by the Philosophers. You will need to go to Guildleaders that are less inclined to care about the implications of their work to learn it.
  • Using this ability generates Divine Outrage.
  • Cannot be used while Redeemed. DEPART GUILD is replaced by another option.


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