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Targeted Magic (or TM, Target) is defined as channeling offensive (mostly destructive) magical energy toward targets.

TM spells typically have no preparation time, but usually rely upon actual targeting on the caster's part for accuracy. Utilizing the TARGET command fully will afford a large accuracy bonus, while negating it will turn this into a large penalty. Fine targeting of specific body parts is possible with added difficulty, though not all spells allow this.

Spell difficulties have special importance in the TM model. Higher difficulty spells tend to have narrower mana ranges (higher min prep, lower max prep), much steeper difficulties, and do more things than just one attack (like multi-strike or AoE). The average number of ranks needed to cast a TM spell at minimum mana are around 1 rank for intro, around 20 for basic, around 60 for advanced, and around 200 for esoteric. After the spell has been successfully cast the TM contest works very much like a ranged attack. Clerical targeted magic versus Undead enemies, however, is matchless.

Targeted Magic is the primary sphere of influence for Warrior Mage magic.

Spells and abilities that boost Targeted Magic

Spells and abilities that decrease Targeted Magic


TM experience heavily depends on the damage inflicted by the spell. While specifically targeting body parts is possible, it provides no increase to learning. Targeting critters of difficulty appropriate to your skill levels is also necessary for effective learning.

Several stats also affect targeted magic:


Opponent balance is a key factor in the outcome of a targeted spell. An opponent with compromised balance is significantly easier to hit with a targeted spell, and moreover, they are likely to receive significantly more damage.

Fine targeting of spells can be useful to partially disable or disarm opponents, or to destabilize their balance - for instance, an opponent who receives enough damage to a weapon hand or arm can be forced to drop their weapon, whereas enough damage to a leg can cause the opponent to fall to the ground.

Abilities that train Targeted

Barbarian Abilities

As of May, 2017 there are no Barbarian abilities that train targeted magic

Bard Abilities

Bard Abilities
 Min SkillEffectTypeSlots
Abandoned Heart250Fatigue damage, Spirit damage, Area of Effect.cyclic3
Beckon the Naga250Impact damage, Summon a lesser naga to attack your foe. Uses Heavy TM timer.standard3
Breath of Storms10Puncture damage, Cold damage, Electrical damage, Single target. Will of Winter changes it from puncture/electrical to puncture/cold.battle1
Phoenix's Pyre250Impact damage, Fire damage, Cold damage, Area effect pulsing damage. Will of Winter changes it from fire/impact to fire/cold. Ignites and increases the duration and damage of naphtha.cyclic2

Cleric Abilities

Cleric Abilities
 Min SkillEffectTypeSlots
Aesrela Everild80Impact damage, Fire damage, Pulsing single-target attack.battle3
Chill Spirit80Slice damage, Cold damage, Spirit damage, Spirit heal, Single-strike spirit siphon.battle2
Divine Radiance10-Balance, Knock-down. Holy damage amplification. Light source.standard
Fire of Ushnish250Fire damage, Electrical damage, AoE with a second, half-power attack.battle2
Fists of Faenella10Impact damage, Fire damage, Single target multi-strike.battle1
Hand of Tenemlor80Impact damage, Fire damage, Single-strike attack and offensive dispel.battle1
Harm Evil10Fire damage, Electrical damage, Undead/Demonic/Cursed-only single-strike attack that bypasses shield and armor.battle2
Harm Horde80Fire damage, Electrical damage, Undead-only AoE attack that bypasses shield and armor.battle3
Heavenly FiresAllows AE's bolts to redirect to new target after first is dead.metamagic1
Horn of the Black Unicorn10Puncture damage, Cold damage, Single-strike attack.battle1
Soul Attrition80Slice damage, Cold damage, Spirit damage, Shield-ignoring single target.cyclic2
Time of the Red SpiralThis is a Heavy TM metaspell that periodically empowers your Harm Evil or Harm Horde spell.metamagic2

Empath Abilities

Empath Abilities
 Min SkillEffectTypeSlots
Calculated Rage250-Defensive Factor, Puncture damage, Impact damage, Pre-cast TM. Gives uses of RAGE command to make attacks.battle3
Icutu Zaharenela400Slice damage, Cold damage, converts TOUCH into an attackcyclic2
Paralysis10immobilizes and knocks down (single target)battle2

Moon Mage Abilities

Moon Mage Abilities
 Min SkillEffectTypeSlots
Burn80Puncture damage, Fire damage, Single target DFA.battle2
Dinazen Olkar10Slice damage, Cold damage, Single target.battle1
Partial Displacement10Puncture damage, Impact damage, armor piercing, single target.battle2
Starlight Sphere250Impact damage, Cold damage, pulsing single target.cyclic
Telekinetic Storm80Puncture damage, Impact damage, Fire damage, Cold damage, Multi-strike AoE. Damage type varies with object used.battle1
Telekinetic Throw0Puncture damage, Impact damage, Fire damage, Cold damage, multi-shot single target, damage type varies with object used.battle1

Necromancer Abilities

Necromancer Abilities
 Min SkillEffectTypeSlots
Acid Splash0Puncture damage, Slice damage, Impact damage, Fire damage, Cold damage, Electrical damage, Random pair of damage types. Single-target.battle1
Blood Burst80Impact damage, Fire damage, Balance reductionbattle2
Siphon Vitality80Fire damage, Cold damage, Vitality heal, Single target, restores vitality to casterbattle2
Universal Solvent250Puncture damage, Slice damage, Impact damage, Fire damage, Cold damage, Electrical damage, Cyclic AOE. Randomized damage types.cyclic2
Vivisection250Puncture damage, Slice damage, Single-target TM. Magical snipe attack.battle2

Paladin Abilities

Paladin Abilities
 Min SkillEffectTypeSlots
Footman's Strike10Puncture damage, Slice damage, Impact damage, Damage type determined by weapon used.battle1
Rebuke80Impact damage, Fire damage, multi-strike damage; knockdownbattle2
Smite Horde250Slice damage, Impact damage, multistrike AoE.battle1

Ranger Abilities

Ranger Abilities
 Min SkillEffectTypeSlots
Carrion Call10Slice damage, Fire damage, Less damage than normal, but tends to hit wounded body parts.battle1
Devitalize80Impact damage, Cold damage, Fatigue damage, Single strike.battle2
Eagle's Cry0Puncture damage, Cold damagebattle1
Stampede10Impact damage, Fire damage, multi-strike damagebattle1

Thief Abilities

As of May, 2017 there are no Thief abilities that teach targeted magic

Trader Abilities

Trader Abilities
 Min SkillEffectTypeSlots
Arbiter's Stylus80Slice damage, Cold damagecyclic1
Crystal Dart10Puncture damage, Slice damagebattle1
Starcrash250Impact damage, Cold damagebattle2

Warrior Mage Abilities

Warrior Mage Abilities
 Min SkillEffectTypeSlots
Aethrolysis10+No buffs, -No debuffs, Cold damage, Electrical damagebattle1
Air Lash0Puncture damage, Slice damage, Single target.battle1
Blufmor Garaen250Puncture damage, Slice damage, Impact damage, Cold damage, Enable actions that cause damage. Physical damage type varies with the actionbattle2
Chain Lightning80Fire damage, Electrical damage, AoE.battle1
Dragon's Breath80Puncture damage, Fire damage, Enables actions that deal damage.battle2
Fire Ball80Impact damage, Fire damage, Single target + short range AoE damage.battle2
Fire Rain250Impact damage, Fire damage, AoE multistrike.cyclic2
Fire Shards0Impact damage, Fire damage, Single target multi-strike.battle1
Flame ShockwaveImpact damage, Fire damage, Convert Shockwave from cold/slice damage.metamagic1
Frost Scythe80Slice damage, Cold damage, armor piercingbattle2
Gar Zeng0Fire damage, Electrical damage, Single target multi-strike.battle1
Geyser0Impact damage, Fire damage, Single target.battle1
Lightning Bolt80Fire damage, Electrical damage, Single target DFA.battle2
Magnetic Ballista80Puncture damage, Impact damage, Creates a ballista that fires rocks.standard3
Paeldryth's Wrath80Pull or knock back target.battle2
Rimefang (spell)250Slice damage, Cold damage, Pulsing damage to melee range.cyclic2
Ring of Spears250Puncture damage, Impact damage, Pulsing AoE melee damage. Triggered damage at pole/melee engagement change.cyclic3
Shockwave250Slice damage, Cold damage, AoE damage. May knock back engaged targets or push them out of the room entirely.battle2
Stone Strike0Puncture damage, Impact damage, Single target multi-strike.battle1

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