Glyph of Light

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Paladin thumb.jpgPaladin Guild
Requirements: 15th circle
Difficulty: None
Type / Skill: glyph / -
Description: The glyph creates balls of light that float around the Paladin, providing a light source in dark areas and granting a bonus to perception. It has a relatively high soul cost and a short duration. The strength of the bonus diminishes as each of the balls of light extinguishes.
Effect: +Perception skill, light source
Messaging: You trace the Glyph of Light.
A brief burst of pain wracks your body and your soul feels somewhat diminished. Slowly, five globes of light extrude from your fingertips and begin to glow brightly.
The tiny balls of light swirl around you, darting around your body making your vision incredibly clear and lighting the area surrounding you.

Lights going out:
One of the balls of light flares brightly for a moment before winking out of existance. The remaining spheres spin in a circle over your head, almost like a halo.

With a barely audible *POP*, one of the fragile globes extinguishes itself. Hovering for a moment over you, as if contemplating their next move, the trio of glowing balls take their new positions, one on either side of your body and the third floating in front of your forehead.

Sputtering and flickering, the sphere at your forehead spirals in an out-of-control descent until it hits the ground, shattering with a burst of light. The remaining pair of globes begin to slowly rise and fall as they take a position at your shoulders.

Slowly, the spheres gravitate towards each other and meet in front of your face. Almost touching, they begin to expand and swell until they absorb each other and become one. The new globe, larger and brighter, takes it's position in front of you and pulses in rhythm with your heartbeat.

The remaining ball of light slowly sinks into your chest causing your entire body to spasm momentarily before you are able to recover.


  • Syntax: GLYPH LIGHT <SELF>
  • Quest granted by Sir Eamonn of Ratha.
  • There is a minimum soul state requirement to use.

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