Ebon Blood of the Scorpion

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Necromancer thumb.jpgNecromancer Guild
Ebon Blood of the Scorpion
Abbreviation: EBOTS
Prerequisites: Must be Redeemed, Emuin's Candlelight, Blood Burst
Signature: Yes
Spell Slots: 3
Mana Type: Arcane Magic
Spell Type: metamagic / -
Description: Few know the secrets of the fatal poison called Urrem'tier's Blood. Precious to priests and demons, it has been the cause of more than one holy war.

Dwelling in that sacrosanct Chalice are the alyurynaen. They're microscopic blood symbiotes which can, according to some, purge necromantic stain from spell patterns. Whether or not that is wishful thinking, Blood Magic certainly behaves differently in alyuryn proximity.

Effect: Changes Heighten Pain, Siphon Vitality, and Blood Burst
Example Messaging: You have learned this spell as a supplement to Blood Magic; it cannot be cast singly.


  • Learning this spell will kill you.
  • Metaspell with three Blood Magic effects:
  1. Heighten Pain gains practically infinite duration but becomes limited to one target at a time. If a creature dies with it, the curse will jump to another creature in the room. (Relatedly, ASSESS will now show HP victims as "pained" for everyone, regardless of the metaspell.)
  2. Siphon Vitality's vitality healing effect is replaced by a vitality shield that is more efficient per point of damage.
  3. Blood Burst loses its bleeder requirement / vitality cost.
  • The term alyuryn translates as "holy scorpion" in Gamgweth. Alyurynaen is the plural form.
  • Like all other Anabasis spells, this is not taught by the various guildleaders.
  • Like all other Anabasis spells, this spell only functions while Redeemed.

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