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Beckon the Naga Scroll-only Spell Targeted Magic spell
Abbreviation: BTN
Prerequisites: 70th circle, Blessing of the Fae, and Breath of Storms
Signature: Yes
Spell Slots: 3
Mana Type: Elemental Magic
Spell Type: standard / targeted, heavy offensive
Difficulty: advanced
Prep (min/max): 30 / 100
Skill Range (min/max): 250 / 1000
Valid Spell Target: PC, Creature
Duration (min/max): Instant
Justice: This spell is legal to cast in Justice Zones.
Corruption: This spell does not cause Divine Outrage or some other form of Sorcerous Corruption.
Description: This spell summons the physical presence of a lesser naga, charming it so that it will fight a foe of your choosing for a brief time. Nagas are creatures that dwell outside of the normal realm of existence, but when they manifest themselves they become glittering serpents composed of sound and magic. Though of the lesser variety, do not underestimate the power that the naga can wield -- its attacks are ones of pure sound, and it is not so easily dispatched.

Take care, for the charm is not ironclad, and a naga controlled in this manner may pose threat even to yourself.

Effect: Impact damage, Summon a lesser naga to attack your foe. Uses Heavy TM timer.
Example Messaging: Your mind latches onto something moving just under the surface of the air, beckoning it into physicality and siccing it on a red-gold scaled atik'et.

The air bubbles in a line between you and the scaled atik'et, intensifying as it travels forward. A nacreous lesser naga lurches into visibility, tatters of pastel colors wrapped around its serpentine length like a second skin. A sublime, sibilant melody fills the area.

Moving in gracefully, a nacreous lesser naga weaves mindbending cacophony into its war chant, letting loose an ear-shattering shriek directed at a red-gold scaled atik'et. A red-gold scaled atik'et fails to dodge, only slightly avoiding the blow. The blast of sound lands a very heavy hit that thumps painfully off the side of the neck, stunning it!

Moving with powerful grace, a nacreous lesser naga rises up in a din of chaotic noises, letting loose an ear-shattering shriek directed at a red-gold scaled atik'et. A red-gold scaled atik'et attempts to evade, avoiding only some of the blow. The blast of sound lands a massive strike that purples its left forearm with a bruise in the shape of the blast of sound!

Moving fluidly, a nacreous lesser naga redoubles its ethereal song as it undulates, letting loose an ear-shattering shriek directed at a red-gold scaled atik'et. A red-gold scaled atik'et fails to evade, avoiding only some of the blow. The blast of sound lands a very heavy hit that rips the top layer of skin from its chest and exposes underlying muscle, stunning it!

A nacreous lesser naga disappears in a rupture of sound and color as its song ends.

While it largely resembles an enormous cobra with its sinuous body and patterned hood, the pandemonium of sound and color that surround it designates this creature as something wholly different. Underneath the confusing aura is a scaled hide that fades in and out of sight, though it appears solid enough. The naga drifts aloft with eerie, explosive darting motions, oddly distorting the air in its wake.
Even as it goes after a <target creature>, it does not look too happy about having been charmed into servitude.

These strange beings have an exclusive relationship with Bards who are astute enough to detect their presences and even traffic with them. Although nagas are thought to be sound elementals, Warrior Mage scholars vehemently reject such notions as well as the plausibility of an Elemental Plane of Sound.
Lesser nagas are of animal intelligence, reacting poorly at magical contact more often than not. Historically, however, a few greater nagas have been suspected of harboring their own schemes, and any Elanthian would be wise to avoid becoming an instrument of their kind.
They are known to use a natural form of the Naming of Tears spell, and are reliant on an aetheric sheath which gives them shape in the Plane of Abiding.
They are not known to carry loot in locked boxes.

You attempt to evoke the memories of a nacreous lesser naga, but it takes notice of your intrusion almost immediately. Turning on you with what can only be described as an impossible Bardic aptitude, the naga evokes YOU instead!
Unwelcome visions of your adolescence, most arduous challenges and worst misadventures arise in the span of several compressed moments, all of which you are forced to relive in the company of the dastardly naga. You are not sure how much it has understood, but it certainly knows you better now.

Devices/Tattoos: Large ostracon of pastel green clay, Large ostracon of pastel green faience, Large ostracon of pastel green serpentine


  • The duration and thus the number of attacks the lesser naga makes depends on the mana used.
  • The spell can now be cast again before the cooldown expires. This is a trap.
  • The naga can chase its initial player target to other rooms. It will not chase PvE opponents. Otherwise, it will follow the caster and no longer leave early.
  • The naga can now attack players who weren't the initial target, but only if they're engaged with the caster. The naga will no longer attack the caster except in certain avoidable situations.
  • The naga can employ an anti-retreat charm against any target, with a short duration.
  • The naga can search out unseen targets (both players and creatures).
  • The appearance of the lesser naga varies randomly from cast to cast and does not appear to be tied to the caster. Possible adjectives include:
bright-scaled, glittering, iridescent, jewel-toned, lustrous, nacreous, pellucid, rainbowed, shimmering, soft-hued, transparent

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