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There are currently four different types of poisons common in Elanthia: location poison, nerve poison, stunning poison and vitality poison. These can be found in box traps, from certain creature attacks, rare room effects, or special items. Poisons can be created by player characters, but the secret in doing so is only taught to the members of the Thieves Guild.

Poisons pulse damage on a global (server) timer. This means that the time between damage hits are consistent except your first damage pulse will vary depending on where in the cycle you were inflicted.

Location Poisons

This classification of poison describes poisons that only damage the body part that they have come in contact with. This type of poison may be found on box traps as a green tinted needle, a stoppered vial, or in various creature attacks and skins. This type is the most common and widely used poison. The damage this type of poison inflicts is internal of the body part as well as vitality hits from the pulses and any bleeding. Can kill devastatingly quick due to its ability to destroy the inflicted vital body part.

Nerve Poisons

This classification of poison describes ones that only effect the nerves despite where they have entered the body. The rusty needle box trap and various creature attacks can inflict this poison on your character. This type of poison is not able to be manufactured by players. The damage of this poison is logically confined to the nerves only.

Stunning Poisons

This classification of poison describes ones that inflict the stunned status upon your character. This effect doesn't matter where the poison entered the body. This type of poison is found in creature attacks, atmospheric poisons such as the lava pit in Kaerna Village rock trolls, and one food type item. Also not able to be manufactured by players.

Vitality Poisons

This classification of poisons refer to the cyanide type of poison. This poison can be found on the box trap know as the forehead dart or from the Treehopper Toads and their tongues. This poison is able to be manufactured by players. The damage done by this poison is reserved to pure vitality. When the damage pulses for this poison a person or creature can be knocked to a kneeling position or prone.