Khri Guile

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Thief thumb.jpgThief Guild
Requirements: Plunder
Slot Cost: 2
Difficulty: Tier 4
Type / Skill: khri / debilitation, area of effect
Use Cost: 20 Concentration on startup + 5 Concentration per pulse
Contest: finesse vs. willpower
Path: Finesse
Description: Ivitha says, "It's not always in your best interests to keep your movements unseen, and this particular meditation will make noticeable every minor motion you make. If you are sufficiently charming with your motions, and keep the focus of whatever is engaged with you, then your foes will have a harder time paying attention to whatever strikes you decide to land against them."
Effect: -Evasion skill, all engaged targets.
Messaging: Remembering the mantra of mind over matter, you let your dedicated focus seep into your muscles. The sensation of such fluid movement even startles you for a few moments, as you get accustomed to the mezmerizing rhythm.

  • Successful activation while standing, using delay, at 263 Inner Magic and 214 Debilitation.