Khri Avoidance

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Thief thumb.jpgThief Guild
Requirements: Hasten
Slot Cost: 1
Difficulty: Tier 2
Type / Skill: khri / augmentation
Use Cost: 12 Concentration on startup + 3 Concentration per pulse
Path: Finesse
Description: Kalag the Sly clicks his claws against his desk and says, "While combat is often a brutal thing, never forget finesse is everpresent, and always important. With just one elegant movement, you can avoid the strongest warrior's strike or the blast from a mage's figertip. This will help you in making that reflexive movement."
Effect: +Reflex (stat)
Messaging: Taking a deep breath, you focus on making your mind and body one, your mental discipline trained on quickly noticing, analyzing, and evading approaching threats.